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So for the past month this is how I have been feeling since the beginning of this month was my BIG German exam. If you know me you would know how I am not the best test taking person and considering that this was the last German test I had to take which would give me the green light for being able to finish my pre-studies and the proficency the Universtiy is wanting to see that I have. So I was more than stressed out and for about a good month of non-stop studying for the test and practising my writing in German. I was more than happy when the test had ended and took a break from German and just enjoying not having to study for the test.

Well two weeks after the test would I and my other peers be able to see our results, the night after my test I had nightmares and dreams about the test. Dreaming about what I had written and that it was utterly false and then dreaming up of a better paper. So I was just counting the days down for the results since half of the test I found to be a bit above the level we have been taught and just simply difficult and I just wanted to know if I had gotten just enough of those questions right to give me a positve grade. Yesterday was the big day, pretty much everything I have been doing for the past year and a half has been leading up to this moment. Now you can re take the test 3 more times but after all that work who really wants to go through that all over again? When I got to the big board that had all the grades posted up I could not believe my eyes, I double checked to make sure I was reading the correct one but I actually passed. I was blown out of the water since I felt that the one part was so difficult and I thought I did horriably on it and have heard more than a few times that it is common not to pass the first time but certainly by the second chance most everyone passes. So here I was thinking the worse but overjoyed just to find out that I did not have to continue studying as hard as I was.

I have recently been working out with one of my close friends here and I am starting to fully enjoy it I also am wanting to get that cute bikini body that everyone here seems to have. The only down fall is that it has recently been extremely cold and has snowed for a few days which make going to the gym some what of a chore atleast getting myself there. Because I feel like I have to pack so much in a bag and change there and or turing into an icicle just getting there. Having a work out buddy make it easier and also nice to have someone there to help motivate me.

Considering that I am a born and raised South Florida girl you can imagine how many encounters I have had with snow, not many and before living in Vienna I hadn't tried any winter sports other than ice skating. Here in Austria all schools are out in Febuary and for high school and under have only a week off which gave me and my boyfriend to do something I have always wanted to do but have never been able to. We went sledding! We were the only people our age on the hill going sledding everyone else were half our age but we didn't care we went anyways and had a lot of fun. I think I found a picture of expresses pretty well how I probably looked like when flying down that hill in the Prater on a butt saucer just adult size.

Needless to say it has certainly been alot of fun lately but I am starting to get tired of this cold wintery weather. Spring please come soon!


  1. Congrats! I love sledding, but we it´s one thing that I miss from home because Holland doesn´t really get that much snow.

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  7. Hello I am very much interested in moving to Vienna. Wish I would have read your blog when I was over there. We try to visit Europe twice a year. We found that not many realtors were willing to take us around to show us apt. Are we doing something wrong? How do we get someone to work with us? I would like to keep in touch with you, for the experience. Please let me know if that is ok. BTW, you are correct, they do like it when u speak their language, my husband and I are learning, he is well more advance then I. We have Rosetta Stone! :)

    1. Dear Lyque,
      Realtors here I find to be well a rip off. They want for commission about two months worth of what you would pay for rent, then you still have to put down a 3 month deposit for the apartment plus the actual months rent. And for that normally you have to find the apartments they just open the door. You can find apartment on or where I found mine where you deal with the people who own the apartment personally. They will still require a deposit but you will get that back.
      Since living in Vienna for 3 years now getting someone to work with you will be nearly impossiable and I find that to be part of the viennese culture here. If I wrote down all the stories of when I was told no and what I wanted was impossiable well, I would not be living here anymore. But don't be discouraged!
      Keep learning German, it is certainly not an easy language but it will help you more than you would think. Try maybe also picking up a night course at a local college or night school of German I would think that would help alot with pronunciation and also you can also learn certain words that are different if Germany than in Austria. The word Potato is different in the two countries and I am uncertain if Rosetta Stone teaches you both.

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