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An Unforgettable Weekend.

This past Friday my lovely boyfriend and I went out on a very interesting date. We went to a dinner that was being hosted in a catering service's test kitchen and the tables were intergrated into parts of the kitchen that was not being needed. It was an eight course meal and all organic, made right in front of you to see. It was hosted by Adventure Catering Vienna to get more information or wanting to attend go to Chef's Table . The links are only in German.
It was a lovely evening and just out of this world food. They also served a different wine every course and there were eight of them, and when arriving you are also given a glass of champagne, if you are not one to drink much they also had a variety of very delicious natural juices. It was probably one of the best meals I have ever had. If I could I would go back again or atleast try to be friends with the chef. Now being that it was eight courses and everything was being made right in front of us we arrived at 6:30 and lef…

Renewing Your Student in Vienna Austria. (Important information you need to know)

Some basic knowledge about Student Visas:
All Students residing in any country that does not hold a passport from that country WILL need a visa!American's do not need to request for a visa prior to departure. American's have the privilege to stay in a foriegn country for 3 months without the need for a visa. People from other countries might need to apply for a visa before entering foriegn territory. (check with your embassy for more information)

 Onto about renewing your Student Visa in Vienna.

 When renewing your visa you normally try to have all your ducks in a row so you don't need to be running around getting this paper and that paper. Any thinking person would think the most logical thing would be to take all the papers I had to hand in last time. So you go to your university re-enroll yourself for the next semester, keep the paper showing you have paid. You might even go to the extent of making sure you can prove your grades from the exams from the past year and show…

Let's Have a Shindig!

This past Sunday I had thrown my boyfriend's mother a belated birthday dinner party, due to the recent travels we have not been able to celebrate. So that meant me in a crazed rush to buy everything, clean my small apartment, bake, cook and decorate. I also recently have purchased a small two person sofa so that was another highlight of this past weekend.

Now I am proud to say that everything went off without a hitch and now here to share some photos of my lovely creation.

That's going to be about it for today. One more note before I close up shop, the weather right now in Vienna is quite lovely it makes me fall in love with Fall. :)

Another Year.

This past July was offically my one year mark of living in Vienna. I am proud for having made it one year on my own in a far off distant land.

This past Summer has been filled with a lot of adventure and has been enjoyable. I flew back home to Florida for the first time since I had started living abroad. It was nice to go back and see my family and my dog it was also nice to be surrounded in what is most familiar.

Also it was great to get away from the cold weather and also Vienna's Summers. Funny as it sounds Summer in Florida is much better than Summer in Vinna, here in Vienna air conditioning is not really needed since REALLY hot days are not an everyday thing. South Florida, we have a lot of humidity and the heat can be brutal, but the flip side is, we have ocean breezes, summer showers that last 10 minutes, and oh yeah every building has the a/c cranking and we love having fans everywhere. Drafts in Florida are a must and we grow accustomed to it, for people not used to have f…