About Me

Hello there!

I just recently turned twenty and am from beautiful hot and sunny South Florida. I love my hometown and pretty much miss it everyday. Currently I reside in old gorgeous Vienna, Austria.

I moved to Vienna at the age of 18 in June of 2010. A month after my "Graduation" I was sitting on a plane waiting for my new life to begin. I was a homeschooler for eight years, I do not fulfill the two homeschooled clisches. I am not unsociable nor do I have no friends and I am neither a nerd and do not win Spelling Bees. I worked as a smoothie maker for a year at a local smoothie bar, before coming to Vienna, and I can still make a mean smoothie.

At the moment I am only studying German before I can begin my classes at the Universtiy. I did not go through an exchange program with a college back in the states nor am I hear as an Au-Pair. I moved in with my boyfriend and his family for 6 months and with some help from them enrolled with Uni Wien and applied for my visa. After finally getting on my feet I found the perfect apartment.

To tell you the truth, moving with no help from an exchange program, as an Au-Pair, or for a job is difficult. It is possiable but, I was saved my the skin of my teeth a few times.

I love to travel around and wish that I could have the means to just travel and never stop. But I do what I can and like a little kid save up all my birthday and christmas money for my next adventures.

I am not a very sportive person but I love to free dive and the Florida Keys is the best spot. I love the water but not so much the sandy beach. But I never had a nice tan since some people didn't believe I was from Florida due to my milky skin. It wasn't until I moved to Vienna until I realized how much I missed the water.

I would describe myself as a laid back person with a free spirit. Also a bit of a scatter brain.

Traveling, studying and living abroad has become a huge part of me and I love every minute of it. I remind myself when I get homesick that what I am doing right now is what I have always wanted.    


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