"There She Goes" Talking in Song Lyrics!

"You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what you need." -Rolling Stones.

Probably one of those lines that most everybody knows and for me that what one of my many song Mantras of the past two years. I tend to think a lot in song lyrics, if life was a movie best to have an awesome soundtrack that goes with it. My other song mantra that has helped me through these past two years and for a good part of my life is "I get knocked down, but I get up again you're never gonna keep me down." -Chumbawamba (for all those 90ies kids out there!)  After going through probably one of my darkest times and being alone in a town with no one you need a pretty cool soundtrack to get you up and going.

But back to the first song lyrics I had mentioned. What I wanted was not what I was give to work with and I somehow had to make lemonade as my dad would tell me more than once. So since I had my very tart lemons I needed a lot of…

It's time to heat up some new American Schnitzel!

It has been way too long since my last post. For many reasons the major reason is simply LIFE. Life happened and got in the way and my blog ended up left out. So is anyone still reading? Should I do a recap of all that has happened?

I guess you don't have much of a choice really unless you decide to just not continue reading.

If I had to really compress it all down into as simple as possible I would then have to steal a quote saying "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" probably the hardest time in my life up until now. Why? Well without getting into juicy details, lets just say the person whom used to spend my life here in Vienna who went by boyfriend is no more. From the statement above I guess you would be safe to presume it was I that was the hurt one in that end situation so it sent me into quite a spiral. After being with someone for such a long period of time and to have given up a lot to be with them then to turn around and bite you in the butt w…

A Taste of Home

When living abroad one thing you might not right away realize you will miss are the foods you know and most likely grew up on. When I first moved to Vienna there was not very many American food (more in particular I am talking about snacks) I know this might seem like a really bizarre post but I feel like it is needed.

As of recently it seems like I have been seeing more and more food products from "home" then when I first moved here. One store that most every expat seems to know about is Bobby's food store close to Naschmarkt, and yes they have many British and American foods but it is about the size of a stop n' shop. I have go there very infrequently due to the fact that the prices for a student is a bit high. If you want a box of cake mix, syrup for pancakes, special sauces, or snacks be prepared to see how much importing such specialized food can be.  In my home town a basic box cake mix can be about 2 to 3 dollars and sometimes you can get them o…

Job Hunting in Vienna as a Student.

If you either are trying to find a job in Vienna as a student that holds a Passport that it not within the European Union, search no more, you have found a place that will help you figure out the ins and outs of getting a job! 

Most people studying abroad will only study for a semester and that is easier to do than doing your whole academic career abroad. Simply put, your expenses are going to be somewhat easy to save up for, or easy on your parents to pay.  But once you take the step into staying longer finances can start to dry up quickly. Yes, I am full aware that it is the same for any other college student that living off of Ramen and peanut butter is the norm. But for the most part you have a scholarship, a grant, or financial aid, which can ease the burden.  Here in Vienna I have not really found many scholarships and the ones I do find I never am eligable since I am not a citizen, or I am not a citizen of a poor country.  Studying abroad though can be the same or sometimes e…

Here's to the New Year and New Beginnings!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Holiday Season and a good New Year.  I to be honest have been thinking for over a year about starting up blogging again, and after reviewing recent comments and knowing that people are still coming on to my blog it made me want to start again.

For a quick update about how I am doing and where in the world I am.

I am still in Vienna.  I am older, 22 to be exact. Yikes! I don't feel 22! In one of my last posts I think I mentioned something about my German exam. Well, I have not only finished all my pre study lectures the Uni enforced me to complete before I could start my actual BA. Thank goodness that is all over and I have already finished my first semester at the Uni! Which feels like such an accomplishment and also a relief to finally say that I am a regular College student.  I look at the people I know back in Florida and see a lot of them finishing there degrees, or close to being finished. HECK! A lot of people I know are MARRIED! Then the…

Remember That One Time?

Dear reader you know how everyone has that story or stories that will make everyone burst out laughing? Well here is mine!

I had just gotten home from meeting up with one of my friends and had a few groceries to put away. I do not know about you but, when you know you are not going to leave home again for the day one of the first things you do is kick off your clothes and shoes and get comfy in those P.Js that welcome you home.

Well after getting comfy I figured time to put away my groceries. I had not been home for a few days and well some stuff started to go bad. After cleaning out my fridge, what ever stunk up my extremely tiny fridge started stinking even worse in the garbage. And who really wants to have the kitchen also starting to smell? So I did the next logical step that any person would do, take the trash outside. But I figured I don't want to get dressed right now so I had planned on placeing it outside my apartment door for me to take down later. ANYBODY who is judgin…

Blog Break is OVER!

So for the past month this is how I have been feeling since the beginning of this month was my BIG German exam. If you know me you would know how I am not the best test taking person and considering that this was the last German test I had to take which would give me the green light for being able to finish my pre-studies and the proficency the Universtiy is wanting to see that I have. So I was more than stressed out and for about a good month of non-stop studying for the test and practising my writing in German. I was more than happy when the test had ended and took a break from German and just enjoying not having to study for the test.

Well two weeks after the test would I and my other peers be able to see our results, the night after my test I had nightmares and dreams about the test. Dreaming about what I had written and that it was utterly false and then dreaming up of a better paper. So I was just counting the days down for the results since half of the test I found to be a bit a…