Remember That One Time?

Dear reader you know how everyone has that story or stories that will make everyone burst out laughing? Well here is mine!

I had just gotten home from meeting up with one of my friends and had a few groceries to put away. I do not know about you but, when you know you are not going to leave home again for the day one of the first things you do is kick off your clothes and shoes and get comfy in those P.Js that welcome you home.

Well after getting comfy I figured time to put away my groceries. I had not been home for a few days and well some stuff started to go bad. After cleaning out my fridge, what ever stunk up my extremely tiny fridge started stinking even worse in the garbage. And who really wants to have the kitchen also starting to smell? So I did the next logical step that any person would do, take the trash outside. But I figured I don't want to get dressed right now so I had planned on placeing it outside my apartment door for me to take down later. ANYBODY who is judging me for not getting dressed and throwing the garbage away then and there does not live in a building on the fourth floor without an elevator and was wanting to take a nap!

So I stood in my doorway to place the garbage in the corner and that is when it happened! A pretty large gust of wind comes through my apartment and slams my front door right behind me! Most people won't realize that here most standard doors have a stationary door handel which I believe to be useless. So that means when the door is closed locked or not without a key there you stand locked out!  You see I figured since I have done this before there would be no problem but you see my apartment door was on the other side of my door. I live on the fourth floor of an apartment building, I can't climb through a window. There I was stranded, if you haven't picked up on the fact already but inside my apartment was my keys, ID, cellphone, you know the most important things a girl needed. OH! Did I mention I am barefoot and in my P.J.s?????   Well lucky me not knowing my boyfriend or even his parents phone numbers.

What to do? Well that is when I realized I could look up the numbers in a phone book and there is a phone booth on the corner of my street. So I told myself time to suck it up and go. Of coarse the phone booth is completely electronic and to look up a phone number costs 10 cents!!!! Have I mentioned I had no shoes????  Well after my failed attempt of finding a number to call, I realized this was not the end of my story. My boyfriend's apartment is about 20 minutes walking distance from me and he had my spare.
So yes, barefooted and in P.J.s I walked 20 minutes through the city to my boyfriends. On my walk I pass a street where street walking is legal and well the ladies of the night (it was more like 5 p.m. so there was plenty of daylight) on this street are normally half naked and freely advertising. Even they looked at me like some crazy person.

I finally reached my boyfriend's place and his parents were home and this is when I completely melted down from the sheer embaressment of EVERYONE staring at me. Thankfully I put on some shoes I had over there and my boyfriend's dad drove me back to my apartment and boy was I grateful when the spare key opened the door. Since there was a chance that since the one key was in the lock on the inside that it would not allow the spare to open the door and then I would have needed to call a locksmith.

So that is my story and it seems to make everyone laugh.


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