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American Schnitzel Turns The Big 2-0

That is RIGHT I offically turned TWENTY last Sunday! I must say that I had a really good birthday and due to my good friends here it was a great weekend.

It began with a Surpise birthday party for me on Friday. That I actually came late to! What I thought was going to be coming over to one of my friends apartment for coffee ended up being a schock. My friends not only went to the lengths of making me Empanadas, a banana and guava cake, with decor, but they even went to lengths to get their hands on my cell phone for my boyfriends phone number. K had a birthday a week prior to mine and when I was not looking she was feeling my purse to see if I had left my phone in.  O asked me if she could send a quick text to her boyfriend on my phone since she was out of minutes and she and her boyfriend were having a quarll. SNEAKY!!!

It was a really good suprise and made me very happy to have friends that would do so much for my birthday. As funny as life can be my close friends are not back in Fl…

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! The Pros and Cons about living abroad on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is pretty much my one favorite holiday out of the year and sadly for me not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving. Living in Vienna has pros and cons when it comes to Thanksgiving.

When living abroad Thanksgiving is not anything to shake a stick at and days off or big feasts with family are just non-existant. If you have your family living with you than is this not so much a big deal since you are togther unlike when living alone.

The benefits of not living in the States during Thanksgiving is you will always find a Turkey, Markets are never jammed pack with last minute shoppers, it is just much more laid back. This year I decided when I woke up in the morning that I myself would not let my favorite holiday just slip by but rather I was going to cook for my boyfriend and myself our very own Thanksgiving feast.

As we were only 2 people and knowing that there would be side dishes I was not wanting to spend a lot of money on a bird and then in the end have to throw it out since …

Wondering If Traveling Abroad Is For You?

Traveling abroad has always been ''The Dream'' for me. The big question I have always been asked from people find out when I was 18 I left the nest for Vienna and I have boyfriend in Vienna is ''What did your parents say or think?''. Which has alway been difficult for me to explain specially in German. So here is the awnser, I did not leave because of a boy, I picked Vienna because of that reason but my parents were not in a state of shock when I made up a date to leave. They were a bit worried for me since they didn't know what would happen and if my heart was broken I would be a bit out of reach. I have never been a wild child or have given my parents reason not to trust me and my choices.

The thing that was actually suprising to me was when I told some friends and ran into people I knew a long time ago the question of what college I would be attending would come up. After telling them I got a scoff and the shocker ''Why does that not supri…

Learning A New Language Can Be FREE!

Learning a new language can be as difficult or as simple as you make it. When moving abroad and not knowing a single word can make your life more than complicated. I have been asked my opinion more than once on what program I would reccomend for learning a new language, and my personal expierence is if you are trying to learn a new language you will never go far by learning it on your own and living in your home country.

I know people can learn a new language and not have to live in a region where the language is being spoken but you have to have so much contact with a certain language before you can really get the flow of it. In America we are surrounded my English, you can't drive 6 hours in one direction and find a different language being spoken. We have Spanish and as a South Florida girl for my whole life I was surrounded by Spanish and had contact with it everyday but I had no drive to learn it. So my spanish is so small you could say it is nonexistant.

Keys to REALLY learn…