Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! The Pros and Cons about living abroad on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is pretty much my one favorite holiday out of the year and sadly for me not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving. Living in Vienna has pros and cons when it comes to Thanksgiving.

When living abroad Thanksgiving is not anything to shake a stick at and days off or big feasts with family are just non-existant. If you have your family living with you than is this not so much a big deal since you are togther unlike when living alone.

The benefits of not living in the States during Thanksgiving is you will always find a Turkey, Markets are never jammed pack with last minute shoppers, it is just much more laid back. This year I decided when I woke up in the morning that I myself would not let my favorite holiday just slip by but rather I was going to cook for my boyfriend and myself our very own Thanksgiving feast.

As we were only 2 people and knowing that there would be side dishes I was not wanting to spend a lot of money on a bird and then in the end have to throw it out since it was too big. Plus I am a Student with no work, I can not spend 20 euros or more on a Turkey for 2 people.

So what to do when a Turkey just won't do???

This question imposed a problem for me the first few minutes at the grocery store. As a student on a tight budget and only feeding 2 people I went to the next best thing. CHICKEN! Finding the perfect bird for a small holiday feast just ended up costing me 6 euros. When living abroad I have learned much more than ever have on, how to make lemonade out of all kinds of citrus. If I was back home in Sunny Florida, I would not be as resourceful as much as living abroad as a student has made me.

I made my chicken just like a turkey and not only was it satisfying my desperate need for a semi-traditional Thanksgiving, but it also was not bad.


  1. I spent a thanksgiving in Prague, and while it was fun it just wasn't the same! great post!


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