American Schnitzel Turns The Big 2-0

That is RIGHT I offically turned TWENTY last Sunday! I must say that I had a really good birthday and due to my good friends here it was a great weekend.

It began with a Surpise birthday party for me on Friday. That I actually came late to! What I thought was going to be coming over to one of my friends apartment for coffee ended up being a schock. My friends not only went to the lengths of making me Empanadas, a banana and guava cake, with decor, but they even went to lengths to get their hands on my cell phone for my boyfriends phone number. K had a birthday a week prior to mine and when I was not looking she was feeling my purse to see if I had left my phone in.  O asked me if she could send a quick text to her boyfriend on my phone since she was out of minutes and she and her boyfriend were having a quarll. SNEAKY!!!

It was a really good suprise and made me very happy to have friends that would do so much for my birthday. As funny as life can be my close friends are not back in Florida, but rather my close friends are from different countries than me and we all do not have the same mother tounge. I sometimes wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self what is instore and just see my reaction.

Unknowing me of my suprise party I reserved a table for my good friends at my most treasured resturant Indus. So naturally Saturday was a pretty good day as well. If you are ever in Vienna and wanting some top notch Indian food I would without a doubt reccomend Indus in a heartbeat. It is one of the good eats around in the City, what also is a good eat and not that far from Indus is a small Kebap resturant, Mediterranean Pizza and Kebap I believe is the name. Their is always one guy working and makes his bread fresh and is super friendly. I come in and he always remembers what I have and sincerly cares for is regular and new customers.

My actual Birthday was just as much fun! My boyfriend's parent had invited me over for a suprise lunch which was a goose with red cabbage and bread dumplings. I will share more photos when I collect the others from everyone else's cameras. I even had a huge Sachre Torte from the best bakery that makes the best Sachre Torte and for a big suprise the best can not be found in Hotel Sachre.

Needless to say I had a really great birthday! 


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