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I just want to start off with saying that for the past days Blogger has been funny and would not let me log in. So after changing my password 4 times finally got it to work. So this is a pretty late post, but better than nothing no?

Last weekend was a really good and busy weekend, on Friday after my German class I went to go meet up with Vienna Expats at Sand in the City. Where I met some very lovely people and got some good tips as well.

Saturday I went out with some of my German classmates/friends to Pure Living Bakery since it is a bakery selling Pancakes, bagels, waffels and cheesecakes. Now what I do want to say is that we had some troubles finding the bakery, and when we got there they had a lovely relaxing garden set up where you can sit and enjoy the weather we have been having lately. It is self-service and a bit over priced. My one girlfriend really wished for pancakes and since we knew there was pancakes on the menu we thought we would order them after our bagel sandwhiches…

The Pros to Living and Studying Abroad.

The end of this June I will have been in Vienna for officially one year. With almost 1 year under my belt as a Expat I wanted to share the positives about being thousands away from anything familiar.

When you become an expat not only are you starting your life all over again but it also makes you find or see who you really are. It pulls away the facades and shows you your true self. I have found that when you grow up in the same area and have the same friends for years those friends and also your family define who you are. They tell you what is normal for you, they know you in a certain way that confines you even if you don't realise it is or even if you like what they see you as. But when you decided that no matter how many friends you have and for whatever reason it might be but leave that comfort zone nobody is giving you those bumpers like in bowling alley. No one is telling you what defines you, who you are. You have two choices when you step off that plane into an unknown la…

Viva La France!

This Summer the Boyfriend and I will be taking our travels and adventures to the States this Summer. Which I can not be more happy about! Looking foward to seeing home and being in an enviroment that I know very well and of course also looking foward to going shopping. On Mariahilfestra├če on of my favorite stores has finally come to Vienna, Forever21. Just the problem is the same, money. The truth is I have a thing for finding clothes for dirt cheap so it is not normal for me to go shopping and buy whatever I find.

One thing I think we both are going to miss (my boyfriend and I) is our trip to France this Summer. Last year was our first vacation together and we went back to the tiny village I had lived in for a month the Summer before. This village is special for anyone who visits it. We have spent time the last two Summers and we are kindof sad that we won't visit again.
Lovely Amboise, France it is on a smaller scale compared to the surrounding castles in the Loire Valley. Pretty…

Genuss Festival in Stadt Park.

Today was a beautiful day in Vienna, probably one of the few warmer days. In Stadt Park this weekend is the Genuss Festival where cities all over Austria come and have food from the area for tasting and for sale. As a student it is a bit expensive, but is certainly worth going to just see what is being sold and if you can snatch a taste that isn't bad either. I took a few photos to give you a sample as well.

Things NOT to forget when packing over seas.

Here are some things you don't want to forget to pack and maybe extras when going over seas.

A good word of advice that I can give is if you are coming from either any one of the Americas or countries that are not in the European Union most chances are everything is cheaper in your home land. Truth is everybody knows the best place for quality and price when they have lived there for sometime so it is better to buy more than you would normally would. Ontop of knowing where to go, you can easly communicate with another person and less chance of miscommunication.

When I first moved to Vienna there were two things that could make be start water works within seconds. 1) Seeing a picture of my family and 2) Feeling like no matter what I do no one knows what I am saying and feeling like the loud speaker in ''Charlie Brown'' no one listening knows what the heck is being said. I have almost had water works start over someone not understanding me when asking where the milk …

May Fest in the Prater!

Today is May First which means Labor Day! There had been festivities planned for today at the Prater and in front of the Rathaus. I can walk to the Prater so I chose just to go into the park for a nice day and to see what happens on May first in Vienna.

In the Prater most all of the rides were discounted and there was a lot of things for younger children todo, like face painting, bounce houses, even a performing clown.

Early this afternoon it had started to rain and I had thought this would keep a lot of people away from coming outside. Well, I know now that I was wrong.....VERY wrong. It was hard just to walk around there was so many people. I really could not believe rain, or shine there was so many people out in the park.
Another thing I have noticed were all the balloons! I have never seen so many before, almost everyone had one and some people had too many.

There was a section across the way from the Skate Park in the Prater was a section with country music and line dancing. It w…