Things NOT to forget when packing over seas.

Here are some things you don't want to forget to pack and maybe extras when going over seas.

A good word of advice that I can give is if you are coming from either any one of the Americas or countries that are not in the European Union most chances are everything is cheaper in your home land. Truth is everybody knows the best place for quality and price when they have lived there for sometime so it is better to buy more than you would normally would. Ontop of knowing where to go, you can easly communicate with another person and less chance of miscommunication.

When I first moved to Vienna there were two things that could make be start water works within seconds. 1) Seeing a picture of my family and 2) Feeling like no matter what I do no one knows what I am saying and feeling like the loud speaker in ''Charlie Brown'' no one listening knows what the heck is being said. I have almost had water works start over someone not understanding me when asking where the milk was.
People wearing glasses or contacts:
Make sure you go and have your eyes checked before you leave and getting a new prescription.

Buy enough contact boxes to last you atleast a year. (if you plan on staying longer than a year it is always good to have your eyes checked every year) Also, buy a new pair of glasses and have them filled with new prescription so now you have either an updated pair of glasses or just a back-up pair. You will not be sorry spending a few hundred US Dollars on a new pair of glasses. Because trust me, glasses in Vienna are astronomically high prices.

When moving abroad things like medicine that you are used to can be either difficult to find or sometimes you need a prescription for something in one country that you can buy over the counter in another.
Clariten or Allivert in Austria is not something you can just run in a store and buy but rather needing a prescription.
Peptobismal is another thing that you can't find in everystore and well is not very common.
Those are just basic examples I can think of. If you are planning on moving over seas for awhile, it is a good idea to pick up things that you know you take weather it is anti-acid pills, or allergy medicine. You of coarse can find different products where ever it is you are planning on living, but it won't be something you are used to. In Austria the medical system is really great, but can sometimes be a pain when out of Claritin.

So, when planning on moving over seas know that it will be a bit more expensive than you are used to and make sure you pack extras so you are never in a panic trying to find whatever it is you are needing.


  1. Hi!
    My name is Jeannie Emathinger, I love your blog and am moving to Vienna this year, so I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about how to make a smooth transition. We have a lot in common, you are from warm sunny Florida, and I am from warm sunny California. I also love to write!! :) I am also moving to Vienna without an exchange program, however I do have Austrian citizenship. Do you think I could email you with some questions about life over there, such as working, wages, rent, etc? Email me at if you think you can help me out! Thank you!


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