Me at the Life Ball 2011
I just want to start off with saying that for the past days Blogger has been funny and would not let me log in. So after changing my password 4 times finally got it to work. So this is a pretty late post, but better than nothing no?

Last weekend was a really good and busy weekend, on Friday after my German class I went to go meet up with Vienna Expats at Sand in the City. Where I met some very lovely people and got some good tips as well.

Saturday I went out with some of my German classmates/friends to Pure Living Bakery since it is a bakery selling Pancakes, bagels, waffels and cheesecakes. Now what I do want to say is that we had some troubles finding the bakery, and when we got there they had a lovely relaxing garden set up where you can sit and enjoy the weather we have been having lately. It is self-service and a bit over priced. My one girlfriend really wished for pancakes and since we knew there was pancakes on the menu we thought we would order them after our bagel sandwhiches. Well, the bagel sandwhich was almost 5 euros and the 5 pancakes they were offering was around 7 euros. We decided that 7 euros is certainly not worth 5 pancakes since I actually know how to make them from scratch. After eating our sandwhiches we left and headed towards an Aida and there had some coffee and cake. The bakery is very close to Schönbrunn so if you are ever craving waffels or bagels and don't mind paying a pretty penny, it is right around the corner.

Later that day we knew the Life Ball was going on at the Rathaus, so we made our way over there to see what it all was about, and getting a better idea how Life Ball is since we have heard about it in class, and also that week it was what all the local papers talked about. We certainly had fun is what I can say at the least.

Now I am looking foward to the upcoming weekend that is going to be just as busy as last weekend. I also am looking foward to when I am sitting on a plane back to the States. Since right now I am kindof slightly stressed with not only learning all that I can in my class but also thinking about the final exams, working on my writing in German since it is well....pretty bad. When the test is over not only will I be so happy, but then also having to collect all the correct paper works from schools and other updated documents and then starting the renewing process of my Student visa. Oh and have I mentioned also planning a trip to the states and two different trips in the States as well. Yes, it is a bit overloaded right now. It would be nice if there was a way to spread it out and not have everything all at the same time, so when I get in a mood of feeling like I have nothing to do here and telling myself I need to get busy or find a job, I would have this all spread out so I can work at it.

After my trip to the states I will start to really look at getting more active and possiably finding some work just to get some income started.

Well that is about it for now. I have some good ideas for some new posts so hopefully in between the madness, I can get them posted. Have a great day!


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