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Impressions of Vienna.

Some photos from the past two days. Enjoy!

Budapest With Friends On a Tight Budget!

This past Friday and Saturday I was with my friends from my German class in Budapest, Hungary. I can certainly tell you that it was more fun then I had imagined. We three have become each others foundation in the living far away from our homes but we all have different countries that we call home, so it makes traveling together certainly interesting.

We spent around 50€ for two days in Budapest, that is including the wonderful Hostel we stayed in for one night and also public transport. We went from Vienna to Budapest since it is only a 3 hour drive away. There are many buslines in Europe which makes traveling around easier, the busline we used was Orange Ways  and found that to be the cheapest one for round ticket it costed 22€ and I do believe if you have larger bags it costs 1€ per bag. Since we had a very short stay we only had backpacks.
The Hostel:

We stayed in a very quaint and homey hostal Paprika Hostel it was inexpensive, perfect for backpackers and more of a …

Another Wonderful Day!

Today in Vienna, the weather was supreme. Not cold, warm and sunny! Today my boyfriend has taken me out on a suprise date, and had a nice afternoon planned out. Since he asked me not to eat lunch and we were meeting up with each other around lunch time I knew eating lunch was part of the plan but I had no idea what and where. I love suprises!

So we then took the metro to Alte Donau and at this time I had two good guess what he had planned, and he was telling me it was nothing fancy or special just a relaxing atmosphere, to be honest I would have been happy eating ice pops with our feet in the water under a tree.

My boyfriend had rented a TWO gear electric boat and had a small picnic which was great.

I had enjoyed the beautiful spring day and the lovely sun since the winter has not really done anything as of a tan goes.

This week is certainly been filled with tons of fun and I am certainly content.

Now must figure out what to wear in Budapest and get started on my packing, and get to be…

Friends, Empanadas, and Budepest.

Recently I have been on Easter Break. This week has been filled with so many activities with my friends, and I can be the first one to say that it has been so much fun.

We have gone to Naschmarkt, and a few Asian Stores in the area looking around buying a few needed ingredients, since my friend K told me she would teach how to make Empanadas. So we planned a small cooking and dinner party K, our friend O, and I.
 I have not had one day to do nothing, my feet are hurting and wishing right now for a good foot rub. The past three days I have done my fair share of walking looking at tea, spices, the inner city and a bit of Prater.

K and I worked very hard for these yummy empanadas, about 3 hours! Everything was made from scratch and authentic, while K is from South America so it was her special recipie. I love cooking with other people, it creates a light atmosphere and very relaxing. I am so glad that we are becoming more active with one another and this Easter Break has given us enough t…

Finally Spring is here!

It is here finally! For the past few days it has actually been trying to warm up a bit! It will some times turn grey with a light shower, and heavy winds but then it will also have such beautiful days!

Now the down side...I have not been feeling well, but I can't even say I am sick since it doesn't feel like that either. I just don't feel in tip top shape, which is hard to understand since I sleep more than 8 hours in the night and then sometimes take a small siesta before my German classes.

The other downside is well the Euro is getting stronger and stronger and the Dollar is either going down or just staying in one place. I am waiting right now for it to go somewhat down. Since right now it is about $1.43 for 1€ and two months ago it was much less. Having no job and nobody really responding to my AD for English classes the money flow is 0. My parents are certainly supporting me and I am not saying that I will go homeless, but it just sucks when you are put in this place …

What to pack when going over seas part 2!

A few days ago, after doing some of my grocery shopping, I saw a family of 4 at one of the many exits of Praterstern looking very puzzled. Normally I will help people if they ask, but when seeing them stare down the map trying to figure out where they are, were they need to be I could not see them get lost any further. Plus I heard english being spoken and was secretly happy to get a few moments to speak it to another native.

To find out that they were from Berbuda origanlly from Canada. They were trying to get to the Zentral Friedhof which is probably the biggest cemetary in Europe. It also holds head stones or the actual bodies of some famous composers and other famous people. Their is one part of the semetary that is just for Jewish loved ones. Which is I think the best part since during Kristall nacht a lot of Nazis came in and completely destroyed all the old headstones and used some as stones for a paved road.( it is also a famous scene in the movie ''Schindler's Lis…