Another Wonderful Day!

Today in Vienna, the weather was supreme. Not cold, warm and sunny! Today my boyfriend has taken me out on a suprise date, and had a nice afternoon planned out. Since he asked me not to eat lunch and we were meeting up with each other around lunch time I knew eating lunch was part of the plan but I had no idea what and where. I love suprises!

So we then took the metro to Alte Donau and at this time I had two good guess what he had planned, and he was telling me it was nothing fancy or special just a relaxing atmosphere, to be honest I would have been happy eating ice pops with our feet in the water under a tree.

My boyfriend had rented a TWO gear electric boat and had a small picnic which was great.

I had enjoyed the beautiful spring day and the lovely sun since the winter has not really done anything as of a tan goes.

This week is certainly been filled with tons of fun and I am certainly content.

Now must figure out what to wear in Budapest and get started on my packing, and get to bed since I will be waking up at 5:45 a.m. tomorrow.

Have a great Easter weekend!


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