What to pack when going over seas part 2!

A few days ago, after doing some of my grocery shopping, I saw a family of 4 at one of the many exits of Praterstern looking very puzzled. Normally I will help people if they ask, but when seeing them stare down the map trying to figure out where they are, were they need to be I could not see them get lost any further. Plus I heard english being spoken and was secretly happy to get a few moments to speak it to another native.

To find out that they were from Berbuda origanlly from Canada. They were trying to get to the Zentral Friedhof which is probably the biggest cemetary in Europe. It also holds head stones or the actual bodies of some famous composers and other famous people. Their is one part of the semetary that is just for Jewish loved ones. Which is I think the best part since during Kristall nacht a lot of Nazis came in and completely destroyed all the old headstones and used some as stones for a paved road.( it is also a famous scene in the movie ''Schindler's List'' where there was a road paved from jewish headstones) One site you certainly shouldn't miss when in Vienna.  Anyways, this family was far away from where they wanted to be, so I did my best to help them get on their way. I do hope they won't get lost anymore.

Okay, now on to my what to pack segment!
Since this seems to be one of the most popular posts and I have been planning on another segement of ''What to Pack'' here is part ZWEI!

This segment will be more for people planning on moving to another country away from their home and families.  Good advise that I have aquired since the BIG move.

So when moving to another country you are mainly concerned with wanting to take your shoe collection, your 2 closet sized wardrobe, your full movie collection with music, pieces from home, pictures of your whole entire life, all of your favorite scented lotions and perfumes, all of your jewlery, you can pretty much say you want your house to fit into a few bags that the airlines allow you.  As a student I made sure that I kept to that limit so I didn't have to pay for extra bags, that and I had to also carry it by myself and run to catch a train so I didn't have the luxury of taking 6 bags like I would have been able to fill God willing.

No one wants to be weighed down by all of their belongings, but no one also wants to leave anything behind.

I think a line from the movie ''Up In The Air'' fits perfectly. George Clooney talks about the burdens we carry in life, he shows a simple backpack and tells the audience (at a conference) to put everything they love in the suitcase, and then talks about fitting your house inside and all the other things that burden us and weigh us down in life. Now Clooney was not so much talking about what I am, but taking it very literal it is true, we have so much that weighs us down and you can not take it all with you. So when making that big move, who really wants to leave something behind, but then who really wants to worry about more bags than you can carry?

So first thing I reccomend to have or get before packing are two things Space bags, and a scale.

Make sure you invest in a good size backpack, I have a typical touring backpack that is as big as my torso. (which isn't saying much since I am short) Reason why I am saying this is A) Your back is a great way to transport luggage B) With a good supportive backpack the weight won't kill your shoulders, it will also have a lot of weight on your hips C) When moving who really wants smaller sized luggage? If you can it will help with what is in your suitcases. (just because I said you don't want to overload yourself you also want to be pragmatic and a bigger backpack is just better. D) When future traveling backpacking is such an enjoyable way to go, I don't use the rolling luggage if I can. E) When having no means of transportation other than walking, it makes grocery shopping a better experience.

First thing when deciding what to pack, is clothes. As silly as this may sound you will think you are going to invest a lot of money in just living overseas, but you will also invest a good amount of money in just getting there as well but if you are like me and come from America, do not think that you will find anything cheaper over here. I went out and bought more clothes and little things like tooth brushes, and made sure I had more than enough contacts, and bought enough underwear to last me 3 months with no washing and I was silly not to do the same with socks. So advice one is make sure you look through your closet bring the clothes you know you look good in, the clothes you love to wear, and some ''Play clothes'' I call them you know you all have atleast a few shirts and shorts or jeans you don't care if they are ripped or destroyed.

After making sure you have enough clothes that you like, that will still make you feel like just because you moved your style has not been lost, make sure you have enough for all seasons and all types of weather.

First orders of business will be taking the 30 space bags in all sizes and stuffing them. Then after they are stuffed let the space bag do its job and compress the 3 inch jackets bag become 1 inch.
If you have not read the last segment of what to pack you will want to know that I believe you should be prepared for lost luggage so always make sure that you have one or two space bags with:
- 6 pairs of undergarments
- 4 shirts
- 3 pants
- 6 pairs of socks
- 1 set of PJ's
(If you are traveling in winter make sure you pack)
- 2 pairs of long johns
- 1 pair of gloves
- 2 scarves
- 2 warm hats or ear muffs.
Make sure you have this packed in your suit case that will never leave your side so not only will you have an emergency bag in case some piece of luggage with all your underwear gets lost. Even if it won't get lost it will be the first bag you open up because who wants to unpack or dig in 3 suitcases for a pair of socks or a shirt? It will be your starter kit. It will help you stay less stressed than you need to be.
Also in this suitcase you will want to make sure you have:
- Your laptop
- Your make-up bag (if you don't wear make-up you can put a shaving razor in)
- A First-Aid kit: Band-aids, Anti-biodic cream, tweezers, peptobismal pills, allergie medication, Ibuprofen, and any other medication you need
- Your jewlwery bag (so it will never get lost and you know where it is)
- 1 small sized photobook
- 1 map
- Your camera(s)
- 1 book
- Other electronic gadgets WITH chargers
- ATLEAST 2 electric converters if needed
-Copies of ALL important papers!!!
- For me what was important to me was an antique compass my father had given me for my 18th Birthday, which had some symbolic meaning for me, so to me this was a very small thing that didn't take any room but very important thing (other than my dog) that was not going to be left behind.
I advice anybody who is moving to look in your house or your room and see what has a lot of meaning to you, and would help you feel more at home when so far away. Try to make sure that it is not something easy to break and too big if it is easy to break and small it is easier to wrap 4 pairs of socks around and keep it in a soft spot than a crystal vase.

Main Suitcase:

This might be slightly more logical but we are going to make a list anyways!

-All those space bagged articles of clothing (make sure you are not going over the weight limit that the airlines allows you so this is when that Scale becomes handy!)
- Figuring that all your clothes fits and does not go over weight limit put in things that are small and almost weightless I.E.
-Nail polish
-Extra toothbrushes
-Your favorite snack
-Nail Clippers
-Nail Files
Now make sure your still good with the weight of your bag.
-2 bottles of your favorite scented lotions
-3 bottles of perfume
-Hair brushes

TIPP: If you have something you don't want to be left behind but that is not such a value item and is either awkward shape, big, or heavy. And you have a few more pounds to spare try to fit it in. If it is small and can be easily shipped in an envelope have someone send it to you. Make sure you bring atleast 2-3 items that really remind you of home, to make your new home feel more comfortable.

I know what you are thinking now, you are probably thinking my goodenss isn't this the same person that told me not to load myself down with everything in my house? Yes, it might sound like you are bringing a lot with your, but also remember you will want to keep from spending on things you know you have back in your old home. Like I forgot to bring my hair brush, nail clippers, and enough hair bands when I moved here and lucky for me my mom sent me the nail clippers and hair bands since I know back in the States it is much cheaper and have refused to spend 13 euros for nail trimers. But I had to buy hair brushes and other things such as that because I forgot to bring them.

When you pack make sure you are not backing 5 evening dresses, but try to keep it down to atleast 2 evening dresses, and in Europe almost every woman wears high heals, so bring your heels but make sure they can work with more than one outfit and keep it to 2 pairs and 2-3 pairs of boots for fall and witner. For summer have atleast 1pair of flip-flops, and 1-2 pairs of flats or sandels.

When I was packing to move to Vienna I had another odd article I would not let myself leave without. My big fuzzy blue blanket. It might sound childish, but I am so glad that I did. It was something I brought with me in exchange for 2 more pounds of clothes. But I put that one in my backpack.

Your Backpack:
-Your shoes (bring MAX 7 sets of shoes)
- The extra space bags with clothes that could not fit or made your luggage too heavy.
- If you like to read a few books
- A few of your favorite movies and CD's but out of their original cases and in envelopes to save space.
- A Dictionary, or translator (if you are moving to a place where you do not know the language)
-Maps of the City and if the city has transportation system, a map of that as well.

For me I also had a purse with me and kept inside:
-Calling Card
-Phone book
-Photo of the family
-Important paperwork
-Something to keep me entertained and calmed me so the fear of leaving home was being distracted.

So my lovely readers, when moving over seas make sure you are well prepared for all seasons, important to keep in mind that you don't have to give up all the things you have, just you can't have it all. The most important thing you should be thinking about is staying calm and the new life ahead of you. No matter how much or how little you bring with you, you will be starting fresh with very little, just enjoy it.

Just Breathe it will all be okay.


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