Finally Spring is here!

It is here finally! For the past few days it has actually been trying to warm up a bit! It will some times turn grey with a light shower, and heavy winds but then it will also have such beautiful days!

Now the down side...I have not been feeling well, but I can't even say I am sick since it doesn't feel like that either. I just don't feel in tip top shape, which is hard to understand since I sleep more than 8 hours in the night and then sometimes take a small siesta before my German classes.

The other downside is well the Euro is getting stronger and stronger and the Dollar is either going down or just staying in one place. I am waiting right now for it to go somewhat down. Since right now it is about $1.43 for 1€ and two months ago it was much less. Having no job and nobody really responding to my AD for English classes the money flow is 0. My parents are certainly supporting me and I am not saying that I will go homeless, but it just sucks when you are put in this place making you really pinch a penny.

So when you are living abroad and your money is not as strong as the curency you are needing it to be in, my advice would be to try to see and wait it out but keep on top of watching the rates everyday. While it is of course a gamble because there is always the chance it just keeps on rising and you feeling foolish for being such a Scrooge. It is of course raising concern and making you uneasy thinking that you either are going to loose a lot of money if you don't play a good hand.

For me, this also a small helpful push into not going out and buying something at IKEA or eating out and foolishly eating out a few times in the week. It has forced me to keep the fridge stocked with enough food to eat but not overloaded, it also is helping me stay away from buying cookies and sweets or chips. Since I have been trying to eat better and snack on maybe not always fruits but also granola bars and instead of chips having a few pretzels.

I have unfortunatly gained pounds that I was not wanting from my last few months of not being careful with what I eat. I am proud to say for the past month I have steered clear of pizza and all the other fast food places that sit on every corner. Trying to get into a habit of going out for a jogg and getting into shape for this coming Summer for my Homecoming and since I have not seen my friends and family for over a year I want to not be afraid of muffin tops or trying a bigger sized pants. So now in efforts to not spend more money than needed for whatever it might be, I have been trying to slowly to change my lifestyle and becoming more healthy for not only the sake of my girly figure, but also for health and just less stress.  Oh and who can not forget those lovely shirts and dresses that don't see light?

So when you are living abroad and find yourself in a situation where money is not at dispence like you would like see it as a challange. I know that no matter what, I will be okay and trying to keep calm. I see it as the best wake-up call to get fit and become healthier.

For my lovely readers, when planning on living abroad make sure you have either a job, or someway of supporting yourself. You will possiably end up never concerning yourself with not having enough or like me having the exchange rates become too high. Try to make sure that money never becomes a stressful point since living else where will be causing enough of that as it is. Also do not be foolish with spending your money either.

Living abroad will be a wonderful experience, but know that you will have challanges that will pop-up but no matter where you live you have such challenges. Living abroad might make challanges sometimes harder than it would be if you just stayed in your own country, but then I see the rewards of living in another country 10 times much more better than if I had stayed in South Florida.


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