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Biting Your Tail

May your hands be strong and willing.
May you know when to speak and to listen.
May you find every friend that you're missing.

May your tongue be soft and wicked.

May your words be worth stealing.

May you lose what offer gladly.
May you worship the time and it's passing.
Stars won't ever wait for you to watch them fall.

May your eyes be wide and seeing.
May your learn from the view you're kneeing.
Know the fear of the world that you feel is the fear of a slave.

These are pieces out of order from the song ''Biting Your Tail'' by Iron and Wine.  That are quite relivant to my life at the moment. Especially the first paragraph in this blog. Lately I feel like I have done so much listening over the past month or so I now want someone to listen to me and I find myself talking and complaining a lot and not really listening. Having selfish moments that I feel like I deserve. Even though that sounds just terriable.

Coming from Sunny South Florida to Vienna, I am…

Freedom Hangs Like Heaven.

So theotherday I foundoutthatIronandWinearecominghere in Vienna. I was super excitedtohearthat I canfinallygettogoandseeSamBeam. I am hopeingandlookingfowardtohearingandseeinghim live, oneofhisnewersongs ''Biting YourTail'' thelyricsofthissonginspireme. I havebeen a fanofIronandWineforatleast 5 yearsnowandforabout 4 years I havebeenreallywantingtogoto a concertofhisandnowitisfinallygoingtohappen! I boughtmyticketthisafternoon!

NowthemarathonoflisteningtoIronandWinebegins! Since I hearthevenueissmallmaybe I cangetcloseandmaybeget a meetandgreetsession......just throwingout a reallylovelythought.



Thankyouforvisitingmy blog.

Thevision I haveforthis blog, andthatisbasically a place I cancometowhen I am boredandneed an outlet. Themainthing I wouldliketocover in this blog isliving in anothercountrythanmyown, traveling, studying in anothercity, FOOD, andthebeautifulareathat I know live in.

Basicallythethings I wouldwanttoreadaboutsomeoneelse's blog. I knowwhen I wantedtomovetoViennaif I didn't havethehelpandsupportofmyamazingboyfriend I don't think I couldmakemylifelongdreamoflivingandstudying in Europereality. Goingon-linelookingforsomekindofsupportoradvisefrom a personthathaddone so before was difficultformetofind. So I hopethatmaybe I couldbethatperson I was lookingfor, foranotherpersonouttherethatislivingorwantto live mydreamaswell.

I don't wish