Hello to empty cyber-space!

Thank you for visiting my blog.

The vision I have for this blog, and that is basically a place I can come to when I am bored and need an outlet. The main thing I would like to cover in this blog is living in another country than my own, traveling, studying in another city, FOOD, and the beautiful area that I know live in.

Basically the things I would want to read about someone else's blog. I know when I wanted to move to Vienna if I didn't have the help and support of my amazing boyfriend I don't think I could make my life long dream of living and studying in Europe reality. Going on-line looking for some kind of support or advise from a person that had done so before was difficult for me to find. So I hope that maybe I could be that person I was looking for, for another person out there that is living or want to live my dream as well.

I don't wish for this to get a butt load of viewers if anything I don't even expect anybody to read it, but if it can create inspiration, hope, or maybe a future dream that would be fantastic!



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