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Sunny Saturday.

Hope everyone had a good Saturday. For me it was a lot of relaxing and I am just taking the day off from blogging but will be back Sunday!

God Willin' and the Creek don't rise.

Today is my friend's wedding. I can finally say that we picked a gift and not only am I happy with the gift, I am also happy that the price is much less than expected.

O and I had gone over to Donau Zentrum and bought a FONDUE set for the happy couple. It came up to be 13,30 Euros per person. I think this is a ''classical'' wedding gift because it is not something you can find horriable ugly and be stuck with putting it somewhere in your house or e-baying it off. It is something you can choose to use when you are entertaining or just want to have a fun meal together, and it doesn't really take too much space up in your closet.  But my goodness to get to that was not an easy task.

Okay now I have to rush and get ready!

Note to self!

From a blog I have recently started to reading.

I think this Post-It is one I can applies to me at the moment. I feel like I have so many things to do, and I have a problem of either staying organized or getting organized. Like everything you might have the perfect plan but other people's planning can interfear with the way you would like things to go. But for me being flexable and letting other planns interfear mine own can be fun depending on what it may be.

On top of my possiable lack of organization, one of those big decisions is a constant thought in my head. What do I want to become with my career and where will I be most happy. As much as I love to travel I figured I might do something in tourism, my mom worked for the airlines and before that a local travel agents office. I never set out to walk in my mother's foot steps, but I constantly think what can I do with travel. I thought Flight attentdent but I and my boyfriend both aggreed I am too short for that. Since I c…

Wedding gifts + 3 woman - wedding registry + small budget = 1 Massive conundrum

My apologies for not posting last night, but my boyfriend was not feeling well, and since he has always been there for me when I have been sick I felt I could return the lovin' and who doesn't loved to be babied and pampered when being sick.

Yesterday really was nothing to post about anyways, unless if I started rambling, and no one really wants me to ramble. As the title implies something quite funny has happen today and is certainly worth a post. I told my mom in an e-mail the same story I am about to tell you and she said she and my grandmother (who has recently broken her wrist) were laughing so hard. I personally don't think it was THAT funny but maybe that was because for me the time it was just one massive conundrum.

So before I start my real post (which may or may not be funny I wanted to copy and paste some things from the Merriam - Webster online site. I admit my spelling is not tops but I do my best to look up words that I feel like I have not spelt write since …

Ice Skating, Cupcakes, and Headaches.

Today was the first time I had gone ice skating at the Rathaus and the first time I ice skated since I have been in Vienna. Wiener Eistraum was so much fun just now my legs and back are slightly in a bit of pain. It was certainly worth it, my boyfriend his mother and I went together and had so much fun. The Florida girl that I am not often ice skating and if so it is normally a hockey rink and you go just in a circle around and around. The Wiener Eistraum has much more to offer! It certainly is not a thing you go and do everyday, if you are a student it can get pricy but if you stay there for more than 2 hours and sit down sometimes and go back it is certainly a trip worth doing.
After Ice skating for 3 hours or so, we all went to this cute cup cake bakery just up the road and got ourselves some yummy cup cakes. Which was a perfect ending to the ice skating. Even though during my ice skating adventure I had fallen down and slammed my arm on a post right in the area of your funny bone w…

Sleepy Sunday.

So now that my Sunday is coming to an end and the week is soon to begin and vacation has ended real world is starting to set back in.

This Sunday I woke up late and really knew that there was things I had planned on doing like going to Ikea and getting some things for my apartment, but I thought I have so much things to do at home why go out get dressed to the whole routine of make-up and hair. I was being more than usual lazy and made a cozy day at my home. I think it has been the first day that I have spent in my home and didn't feel bored or most of lonely. Normally when I am at my house I try to go out and do something, like if I was afraid of just staying in my house and doing something other than cleaning or doing nothing at all. Back in the States if anything I was the opposite and never left my room. I guess that was different since that was my home since I was young and my parents made it feel like a home. I think when I found my apartment I knew it was the one for me but…

Peaceful Prague Part 2

During our stay in Prague we visted a lot of the sites that are in the Old Town and Lesser Town. One nice thing about our visit was we were able to do the things that didn't cost an entrance fee. I know I am sounding more than cheap with these posts but when you don't have a job and are a student cheap is the only way you can afford things. We did pay to view the Jewish cemetary and since that is a big attraction Jewish Prague community had also set up the other synogouges around the area (that have historical value) as other museums displaying what was saved over the war. We had just wanted to see the cemetary but that was not possiable and it came in a package deal with 5 other entries that we weren't intending to visit. The package had costed 200 crowns per student with ID under 26 it was slightly more without for an adult admission. I have to say at first I was slightly upset that I just couldn't buy a ticket to view the cemetary. My boyfriend said to just buy the…

Peaceful Prague

Hello again, I am finally back and have much to tell you that most likely will consist of another post just because putting everything in one post seems a bit strenuous for the reader and for me to type everything in detail.

I will just start of saying that I am so happy to have finally made it back home. Not becuase the vacation was stressful, or awful, but just at the end it looked like we wouldn't make it back home which I will get into later.

                     (The beautiful cathedral on top of a hill in the Prague Castle)

So we traveled by bus to Prague from Vienna with Student Agency Bus line. I have to say I was quite impressed with their prices and for how they did their best to make it feel like you were more in a plane than a bus. You had comfortable seats, a round of either Hot Chocolate, Tea, or Coffee, a working bathroom and a movie. (They even had headphones if you had none) It was certainly not as fast as a plane, but I can't say it was poor service. If you ca…

The Fun Keeps Rolling!

I am slightly behind in getting everything ready for tomorrows big trip! But I figured I would put up this post and take a small break with a cup of tea and give an update on the movie. I am starting to feel like this blog is becoming more of a Food and Movie blog than I had wanted. Since my original idea was more life in Vienna and Traveling. So later I will throw in more traveling posts with keeping the movies and food posts as well!

I am so excited that tomorrow is finally the start of our Vacation in Prague and a long bus ride. I have been itching to travel and to finally just go somewhere. Taking many many pictures, sight seeing, doing the whole tourist thing.

I have planned on writing about previous travels so please hang in there with me, I am doing my best to make this a blog that I would want to read. Thank you to whomever is reading my blog.

Last night the movie was very funny and I was suprised how much I actually understood. As you can see in this picture above, how gigan…

Just because.

So tonight some girls from my German class and I are going to Millenium City to go and see the movie Gulliver's Travels, with Jack Black.

I know some people are not so much a fan of Jack Black, but ever since School of Rock. I do believe Jack Black can be slapstick comedy, but we all need that sometimes. I remember when School of Rock came out, it was one of those movies that I watched frequently as a young teen.

Only a few more days until Prague! I am getting more and more excited to finally be somewhere new and do a little bit of traveling. It will be a nice change of scenery just maybe a tad bit cold.

Anyhow, I don't really have anything to add now since my day was just mainly being comfortable and enjoying the day with my boyfriend. Hope everyone is having a comfortable weekend!

Such a good kick off for the coming weekend.

Hello to whomever,

If you have been reading my very few posts you would have been pretty well informed for my love for Iron and Wine and that I was going to his concert. Which was just yesterday, may I say it was so much fun. I wish it could have lasted forever since it brought me pure happiness being there and listening to the same music I love live! I met some really nice people in the lines. May I also add that I was a half hour early and happy that I was because I was number two in line and after waiting over an hour in line I got front and center row and stood there and made sure no one was going to move me. So, I hope everybody is ready for the Iron and Wine picture overload!  Also, he had a big band and mixed up a lot of favorites which were just simply amazing a few I wish would have been sung like ''Biting your tail'' and ''Trapeze Swinger'' but it was two hours so I guess if he played all the songs I would have listed to him I would still be s…

The Importance of Being Productive.

Today I actually did something with a purpose. I truely can not believe it. For the past months I have been hungry to have something to do and feel like I actually have a purpose. Right now, my priority is learning German so I can start my studies but that still isn't enough. I have found things to do with myself but still hobbies are good when you have busy days and they help you wind down and make you relaxed. I need something to wind me up other than coffee. I thought about working, but going through headaches of figuring out what paper work and in my broken German trying to ask what it is I need that is quite difficult. (YES, I know it gives me some purpose but still...)I wouldn't mind it just anything dealing with government is notorious for long waiting periods and then from previous experience no matter how many people you ask you will never have EVERYTHING needed. Then more 1 hour of waiting or possiably longer.  I am already dreading the process of re-applying for my …

Tranquil Tuesday

Today I didn't do so much just had a nice day with my boyfriend again enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having lately. Just another day in the Prater riding bikes and playing ping pong. Tommorrow will go to the University and re-enroll and hopefully it is as easy as everyone says it will be. So I am NOT at all looking foward to waiting forever in line to register again.

So today is a quick and short post since nothing really I want to talk about today. So now it is just going to be surfing the web, listening to my music, eating strawberries, take a shower, read my book and get cozy with the boy whom I love.
Hope you all have had a good and tranquil Tuesday.

2 more days and I will finally go to my first Iron and Wine Concert! So excited for it and also excited for the date night planned with my boyfriend before I go to the concert.

This is the book I am now reading. Also one of my favorite movies, and has a beautiful soundtrack.

My favorite scene from the movie is when the…

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Hello again, I hope everyone had a good weekend, I know I did. Here in Vienna the weather was nice and ''warm'' I thought I would never call 8-10C warm since coming from South Florida I am used to hot and then hotter. But it truely has been a nice change of things since lately I have been getting cases of cabin fever and wanting to go outside and just walking around the city.

This Saturday I was planning on making my way to a store and my boyfriend had to drop a few words that made my ears perk up higher than a prarie dog.  KFC...enough said when someone tells you the kernal's original recipie is close to where you are going who can really resist? Just stating this now back home in Florida KFC was truely something we rarely had, I can remember each time I had it and it has to be atleast 5 times. So I ended up in Donau Zentrum for the first time and may I just say their maps confused me so much I got lost and ended up on the opposite side of the mall before finding …

Mr, Jones and the BOX!

“Sometimes the world seems like a big hole. You spend all your life shouting down it and all you hear are echoes of some idiot yelling nonsense down a hole.” -Adam Duritz (Counting Crows)

Now I have no idea why I love this quote, I guess it resembles ALOT of myself and this blog.

If you wish to read random rambling please read the following:

Back home in my small ''box'' as I like to call my safe zone, and everything that is in that safe zone made me feel like I was in a box. Now for majority of everyone I knew the ''Box'' was just what they needed. Now I am starting off right now saying that is fine with me if another person wants to live in their safe zone. I have many many days where that is where I want to go back to, safety and securtiy. BUT, I am a person that if I feel trapped I want to go, but if I get to comfortable, I will never leave. Which is slightly a tricky limbo to be in. So whoever want to stay in their life that they are living and…

What a day!

So today was a good day, walked around the city a bit and just enjoyed the beautiful day.
It was the perfect type of winter days I could live with. Of course I have been hearing so much about the Wiener Eistraum and have been wanting to go pretty bad since being the girl from South Florida I haven't EVER ice skated outside. So I made a visit over to the Rathaus and watched the little kids and people ice skate on this fairly large ice skating rink.

I also found something that I have been looking for, for the past.....8 MONTHS! I really wasn't hungry since I had a yummy lunch at a small resturant called Spirlia (I believe that is how they spelt it) anyways take the 13A from Mariahilfesta├če direction Alser Stra├če and you will find it. Now it was good and had a nice atmosphere, but slightly on the expensive side for a portion of food that isn't so grand. Other than that it certain had a good atmosphere if you are a student it was packed with other students taking their lunch br…