Peaceful Prague

Hello again, I am finally back and have much to tell you that most likely will consist of another post just because putting everything in one post seems a bit strenuous for the reader and for me to type everything in detail.

I will just start of saying that I am so happy to have finally made it back home. Not becuase the vacation was stressful, or awful, but just at the end it looked like we wouldn't make it back home which I will get into later.

                     (The beautiful cathedral on top of a hill in the Prague Castle)

So we traveled by bus to Prague from Vienna with Student Agency Bus line. I have to say I was quite impressed with their prices and for how they did their best to make it feel like you were more in a plane than a bus. You had comfortable seats, a round of either Hot Chocolate, Tea, or Coffee, a working bathroom and a movie. (They even had headphones if you had none) It was certainly not as fast as a plane, but I can't say it was poor service. If you can deal with long car rides and sitting for 5 hours does not bother your bones I would certainly reccomend using them. Coming from the States bus tours are not the most convient way to travel. So flying is the transportation of choice.

Being a girl that always flew due to my mother working for the airlines, going by bus was certainly a fun adventure for me. It also was a good solution for an inexpensive way to travel. Going by plane can be tricky when trying to find a cheap ticket, and by train is fast but if not planed far enough ahead a plane would be cheaper. By bus the price doesn't increase due to when you buy the ticket.

One thing I love to do is to travel, the second thing I love to do is travel inxpensively.

For our hotel I had chosen a B&B that I had found to be more than cheap. The Bridge B&B for us it was 30 euros per night and no extra charge for a second person. As the title implies it had Breakfast that was basic but enough and beds for our heads at night. I would reccomend this place to anyone who is trying to travel on a tight budget and easy to please. I would not reccomend it to anybody who loves hot water and 1 hour showers or is a light sleeper. We had a few cases of little hot water and there was an almost non-existant water pressure in our shower. Which made it diffult for showering comfortably.  Other than that we had a lovely room, and it was quite large, I don't think my own apartment was much bigger. So for the amount you pay you can't complain, and we had enough heat to keep the room more than warm so we were not freezing at night. 

Public transport in Prague is not needed if you plan on a short stay and only hitting the main sites in the Old Town, and the Lesser Town.  In this area is where we mainly explored Prague and since the Metro was not as large as the one in Vienna and we couldn't find a map of the trams we walked for the four days and must admit that was better than the time we could have saved by using public transport. I would say hold off buying your transport ticket or if you feel it is needed than just buy one day at a time not only will it save you money, but you might one day just walk around everywhere and not need it. For us it was really not needed and enjoyed walking up and down through the cobble streets. 
We were not so much concerned about hitting every site, but rather having a stress free vacation and enjoying being together. Even if that was racing down a random street for the heck of it or trying to find a supermarket to buy drinks we went to the tourist spots but also visited real life in Prague as well.

We arrived on Valentines day mid-afternoon and got settled in then took a walk through the city before the sunset. We attempted to go out to a nice dinner for Valentine's Day but the one we hoped to go to was fully booked and I was in a pair of heals that was nearly impossiable to walk in on cobble stones. So we found a pub on the corner and had a lovely Valentine's Day.  Hope everyone else had a good one.

I found this treasure on the Charles Bridge and everytime I see such locks my heart melts. It is a love lock and basically the idea is a couple who love each other and wish to do a modern ritual of professing their love to each other and that it will never end. The process is simple find a lock, put your initials with your partner's intitials some will write a small phrase or a date or both and will find a spot to lock the lock and take the key and chuck it as far as possiable. The symbol of throwing the key into a river or forest or whereever is that the key is lost forever and can never unlock their love.
So whenever I go on vacation I tend to find some of them and just find it to be such a sweet gesture. 
In the Spirit of Love I wished to shared it with you.

I can not continue writing at the moment so that is my sign to go to bed finally and get some rest. I will start fresh tomorrow continuing with my tiraid of pictures, helpful hints, reccomendations, and stories of my vaction in Prague.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend so far!


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