Coffee, Food and Photos.

First of all, I want to start this note on mentioning I am starting to believe I should possibaly post some photos of everything. Maybe that will make this a bit more intersting since I don't know looking at pictures is the best part of reading blogs. Well, that is atleast my opion when it comes to blogs since if they keep on going with no pictures I find them not that interesting. So pictures will start coming, but I just started this whole blogging thing and just figured out how to ''follow'' somebody on blogger. Give me a break and let me get into the swing of somethings and hopefully later this week the blog will be as colorful as my life.

Second thing, as an American I am used to a different style of coffee which I have to say I am missing a little bit. Good thing about living in Vienna is that the city is known for their coffeehouses and even though I don't smoke coffee houses in Vienna have an atmosphere you can't miss. Even though I unfortunatly support chain resturants and other food spots like Starbucks just a little bit too much. Or if you read my other post my blow-out about TGIFriday's not being open. So, when I plan on going out I will do my best to go to another resturant that is not a major corperation. Hopefully I will find some good places that I will go to again.  Now as silly as this may sound I have been kindof curious if anybody knows of a place where to buy American food or English cusine. Let me know since I am keeping my eyes peeled for a place I can buy food to remind me of home or groceries that I can't find in an ordinary food market.

YAY for photos! This is my mother and I at the Rathaus Christkindel Market. Back in December when my parents came to visit me.

My Dad and I in the Prater on my Birthday!

Okay now look at that. the blog just got 10X more interesting. :) My parents bought me a new camera for my Birthday and I should use it a bit more, now I just have that much of a better excuse to look like a tourist.

OH! Talking about Tourism....My boyfriend and I are going to Prag for 4 days starting on Valentine's Day. I am so excited about our trip, it is well deserved for the both of us and well needed. I was also thinking about a weekend getaway this month at some thermal bath. Again if anyone is reading this and has advice please let me know. I have been planning on this trip for about 2 weeks and quite excited about seeing Prag.  My mom actually was the one to find this bus line that she and my dad used called Student Agency. It is a bus line that runs pretty cheap to a lot of locations and lucky for us it was about 50 euros for my boyfriend and I for two student(youth) tickets both ways.  They also are inexpensive student or not.  So if any of my readers are in the area and want to travel inexpensively look at their site first.

Vienna recently had the Ferien Messe that was packed full of people on the weekend, and I went to see if I could win any trips or get advice or find inexpensive hotels, flights, anything to do with travel. Bening on a student budget I was amazed how expensive thing get if you just start planning a trip 1 month in advance.
I mean forget it if you want to spur of the moment hop onto a train and go somewhere. A cheap train ticket has to be booked up to 6 months in advance.

Well, that is it for now.  I feel quite inspired to get back into taking more pictures. Considering that my boyfriend is just working on essays at the moment and it is dark and I have gone without make-up today I will save my enthusiamsm for atleast tommorrow. :)

Until then hope you are happy with the pictures at the moment. 


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