Peaceful Prague Part 2

During our stay in Prague we visted a lot of the sites that are in the Old Town and Lesser Town. One nice thing about our visit was we were able to do the things that didn't cost an entrance fee. I know I am sounding more than cheap with these posts but when you don't have a job and are a student cheap is the only way you can afford things. We did pay to view the Jewish cemetary and since that is a big attraction Jewish Prague community had also set up the other synogouges around the area (that have historical value) as other museums displaying what was saved over the war. We had just wanted to see the cemetary but that was not possiable and it came in a package deal with 5 other entries that we weren't intending to visit. The package had costed 200 crowns per student with ID under 26 it was slightly more without for an adult admission. I have to say at first I was slightly upset that I just couldn't buy a ticket to view the cemetary. My boyfriend said to just buy the package and we will just then visit the other sites as well. I am glad we did, it was certainly worth the money. The synogoues were very beautiful and we enjoyed seeing everything they had on display. For me the Pinkas synogoue was my favorite. It was simple, had no grandeur like the others but for me it was bone chilling. It was names and dates of birth and death and if the death was unknown date of deportation. Names of victims from the Holocaust specifically from Prague and others outside of Prague.
The Pinkas Synogoue leads into the cemetary, and is a beautiful memorial to those who have died and a way for them to never be forgotten.
To me the Holocaust is a point of interest. I still can't understand why I enjoy reading books fiction or nonfiction based on the Holocaust and the thousands of people that were kill in them. It is not a thing that pleases me, it makes me sad like everyone when they think about the Holocaust. I know some people don't want to believe it happened and some people don't like the topic and I respect that people see it as such tragedy and don't want to read, or see anything about it. The people who don't believe it had ever happen I wonder how and why you believe it never happened. So when I walked into the synogoue and saw every wall from the floor to the ceiling  filled with images like the one above it truely pulled heart strings. Up stairs they had drawings from children that lived in the ghettos and camps, that also was a very sad exhibit.

Now for the cemetary, that was worth it just seeing all these head stones leaning ontop of others and trees growing around some. It was certainly worth the visit there it would be a highly reccomended spot to anyone who is traveling to Prague.

After visiting the Jewish community, we ran over to the clock tower before the hour so we could watch all of it in its glory. That was somthing I did not want to leave Prague without seeing, I think my boyfriend was indifferent about seeing figurings moving on a clock.   After seeing the clock and all its glory we then roamed around the city once more.  During our stay we did not go to any resturants that the guide talked about, but instead we walked around and found small resturants and sometimes pubs and ate there. We tried to keep the food budget under control and we found a lot of little places to eat that were not bad and I would reccomend having a few resturants in mind but try others in the area. We went out on a boat resturant and for the two of us for one starter, two main dishes, one dessert and a bottle of sparkling water we paid about 40 euros total. If you eat closer to main attractions you are certainly going to increase the bill and that is really something I think most everybody knows.  Even though this resturant on a boat was having the perfect view of the castle and the Charles Bridge at night. If you are curious about the resturant and planning a trip to Prague soon and want some good eating with a romantic atmosphere try the Matylda it also was a Botel and if my memory was good the prices didn't seem too high for what it was offering. 

Visiting Prague was a nice trip, and unlike Vienna (sine a lot of people say it is a small Vienna are wrong) it has streets you can just turn in one direction and just keep turning down other streets and will always find a treasure waiting for you to discover. This was one of these treasures we found. A store filled with nic-nacs and the name was just as adorable as the things inside Bric-a-Brac.
That is it for my stories about Prague and my tips. Happy Traveling where ever it may be and enjoy every minute of it!


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