The Fun Keeps Rolling!

I am slightly behind in getting everything ready for tomorrows big trip! But I figured I would put up this post and take a small break with a cup of tea and give an update on the movie. I am starting to feel like this blog is becoming more of a Food and Movie blog than I had wanted. Since my original idea was more life in Vienna and Traveling. So later I will throw in more traveling posts with keeping the movies and food posts as well!

I am so excited that tomorrow is finally the start of our Vacation in Prague and a long bus ride. I have been itching to travel and to finally just go somewhere. Taking many many pictures, sight seeing, doing the whole tourist thing.

I have planned on writing about previous travels so please hang in there with me, I am doing my best to make this a blog that I would want to read. Thank you to whomever is reading my blog.

Last night the movie was very funny and I was suprised how much I actually understood. As you can see in this picture above, how gigantic the popcorn and cola was. I truely think when the container that holds the food you are planning to eat is as big as your abdoman it might be time to reconsider to a smaller size. For my deffence we splitted the cola and popcorn three ways and only got through a quarter way through the popcorn. Now as for the cola that was polished off since I am a person that can careless about popcorn but drinks are vital! I tend to drink mass amounts of liquid everyday, so I can not say that we didn't finish that.

After the movies the girls and I went out to a Cuban dance club in the Inner city called Floridita. We had a lot of fun dancing around. It was one of the girl's birthday so we kicked off her birthday with a lot of latin music and dancing.
That is it for now, I am off to make my boyfriend a Valentine's Day card and even though we both don't like to put importance on this day, since we show our love to each other every day, this year it is our first Valentine's day together. Normally when Valentine's Day did come around the corner we would not even mention it. Just this one time for me I think it is special since it is just a special day to show extra loving. Even though the hint about Valentine's Day has been dropped a few times I am not expecting anything just him and I on a bus to Prague and a nice dinner out. But a girl can still make a homemade card right? I do not agree with going crazy and buying cards, and really expensive gifts for this day, but to me something hand made always comes from the heart and normally doesn't waste money other than take up some time. So I am going through flyers and cuting out ads that have hearts in them and going to tape them to a lined piece of paper fold it. It hopefully will have that ransom letter look where words are cut out and pasted onto a piece of paper.

Hope everyone has a good week and I will be back next weekend! Happy Valentine's Day and have a great week!


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