Sleepy Sunday.

So now that my Sunday is coming to an end and the week is soon to begin and vacation has ended real world is starting to set back in.

This Sunday I woke up late and really knew that there was things I had planned on doing like going to Ikea and getting some things for my apartment, but I thought I have so much things to do at home why go out get dressed to the whole routine of make-up and hair. I was being more than usual lazy and made a cozy day at my home. I think it has been the first day that I have spent in my home and didn't feel bored or most of lonely. Normally when I am at my house I try to go out and do something, like if I was afraid of just staying in my house and doing something other than cleaning or doing nothing at all. Back in the States if anything I was the opposite and never left my room. I guess that was different since that was my home since I was young and my parents made it feel like a home. I think when I found my apartment I knew it was the one for me but I couldn't get that feeling of this is my home, ''Home Sweet Home'' that cozy feeling never got going inside.

I don't know if that was because I mentally was going through possiably one of the lowest points in my life that I have yet been in. It was a lot of depression, homesickness, a constant reminder that I was not in Kansas anymore, none of the comforts of home, no family, no friends, and a struggle to feel like I am happy and content with who I was and where I was. When you think of your ''Happy Place'' where ever that is most of the time your home is, or another happy place for you. For me home still meant my four walls in searing South Florida and the home I lived in for 8 years was a place I love (and still do) but I kept thinking about that one spot that has always made me feel good. I wished so much to be there, the last month in the States before moving here I was lucky enough to get to go to my happy place. The spot where I feel like I was always happy. Some of the lowest points were dreaming of this place where contentment resided and joy then I would wake up and beg to fall back asleep.

Today I had my first cozy stay at home day and enjoyed it too much! I have not yet gotten out of my Jamies but I will take a shower and get into new ones.

Just wanted to share some of the things I have been doing on my lazy afternoon.
First was baking a nice loaf of home-made bread that is too simple and too delicious. For the reciepie just click on the word Bread you will not be disappointed, if you are now thinking you are never having lazy days and don't have the time to wait around for bread trust me, you can do it while cleaning, washing clothes and the dishes. Most of all the ingredients should be in everyones pantry, and it does not need eggs or alot of attention.

Just look at it, how yummy does that look? I cut the ingredients in half since I only need one loaf, and it takes only 2 hours of my time and most of the time it is sitting or baking.

I also got intuned with my inner child and did some arts and crafts. (smiles big) I will post the pictures of my project probably tomorrow.


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