Note to self!

From a blog I have recently started to reading.

I think this Post-It is one I can applies to me at the moment. I feel like I have so many things to do, and I have a problem of either staying organized or getting organized. Like everything you might have the perfect plan but other people's planning can interfear with the way you would like things to go. But for me being flexable and letting other planns interfear mine own can be fun depending on what it may be.

On top of my possiable lack of organization, one of those big decisions is a constant thought in my head. What do I want to become with my career and where will I be most happy. As much as I love to travel I figured I might do something in tourism, my mom worked for the airlines and before that a local travel agents office. I never set out to walk in my mother's foot steps, but I constantly think what can I do with travel. I thought Flight attentdent but I and my boyfriend both aggreed I am too short for that. Since I can barely get my luggage up in the over head bins and end up asking someone else for the favor. Let alone not being able to reach for closing the overhead bins.

So right now I am sticking true to the Post-It small steps and one day I will be there. (where ever there maybe)


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