The Importance of Being Productive.

Today I actually did something with a purpose. I truely can not believe it. For the past months I have been hungry to have something to do and feel like I actually have a purpose. Right now, my priority is learning German so I can start my studies but that still isn't enough. I have found things to do with myself but still hobbies are good when you have busy days and they help you wind down and make you relaxed. I need something to wind me up other than coffee. I thought about working, but going through headaches of figuring out what paper work and in my broken German trying to ask what it is I need that is quite difficult. (YES, I know it gives me some purpose but still...)I wouldn't mind it just anything dealing with government is notorious for long waiting periods and then from previous experience no matter how many people you ask you will never have EVERYTHING needed. Then more 1 hour of waiting or possiably longer.  I am already dreading the process of re-applying for my student visa. Even though that should be easier the second time around.

Skip the next part until you reach the next person if you are uninterested in studying abroad, or if you find it lame to read this part.

Future Students who want to study abroad here is a tip:     ( This is subject to change and was what I had experienced with applying at University of Vienna. Other Universities can be different so make sure you ask questions and do your homework. So I am just writing this down for others who might be interested in the Uni of Wien. I know it is what I wanted to find and read when I was looking.)

Do not go over to where you want to go and then apply. Make sure you have your diploma and I know here in Vienna I needed them to be Apostiled and that takes time and money. If you are from the states and do not get an extremely high SAT or ACT score and are average students prepare to take courses to bring you up to the level of a high school diploma here. Which won't be too many courses, it won't be like taking another year or two of high school just a few classes and if you think you can pass the exams you can just skip the courses and try it that way. Make sure you get accepted or a letter from a school over in the states proving you could study in a University in the certain courses you wish to take abroad. Make sure EVERYTHING is Apostiled! Then there might be a pre-application on-line do that after you graduate, and send it over to the university. Wait until you get those papers and your acceptance letters. Because of this, I was placed in a thing they call ''Pre-Study Lectures'' (if you translate it) which is the extra courses to be seen as to paar with the rest of the students. Even if you are a smarty pants you still might be placed there. THEN you fly over here with the other paper work you will need for your visa which everone you are going with. Bring all your paperwork even the stuff that might seem trivial and not needed anymore and make copies!!

So back to my productiveness. Went to the Uni to re-enroll according to 3 people I had talked to through E-mails and face to face I had all the paper work I needed. I sit down give the guy everything asking him to re-enroll me for the summer semester as we call it spring semester in the states. Until he asked me for the paper that shows I payed for my German courses. Sneaky me I figured I would give him the one of last semester dumb me thinking he will just continue and not look at the date...... Yeah, he then handed it back saying you have to show me the one you payed for this coming semester. Damn it! (was my thought) so of course the office today since it was a Wednesday wouldn't open at 2:30 today and the uni at that time would be closing. So I went back to my boyfriend's place waiting until 2:30 figuring I will go back tomorrow and I will be done. So of course I packed my bags went back to my place to drop off my things and head on my way. It was 2:45 or so and I had all the time I needed... Picked up my piece of paper that I have to fill out to pay the school but I have to go to the bank to make the transfer. Now I am doing my best to get excersice in so I knew the inner city was not far away and I would go there it only takes 10 minutes to walk there. When I get to the bank doors would not open, (what is this?) now it is 3:20 and the bank closes at 3 on Wednesday. -_-

So another productive day it will have to be tomorrow and then in the evening.... IRON AND WINE! Woo-Hoo!

Thought you would enjoy my special treat as much as I did. Banana, Appel and Blueberry Gellato. And yes it was so good. I even had one woman look at me and laugh and say ice cream in this weather. Why not, a girl can eat it whenever she wants...right?  I continued to walk around and ended up in Heldenplatz and watched dogs play, people on slack lines(which I took a photo of) and a bunch of other people enjoying the sun and slightly warmer weather.

Now I am off to color my hair, finalize what we are going to do in Prague, finish laundry and clean...YAY!!!

So I will leave you with one last photo.


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