I love free time to do nothing with my boyfriend.  He is in an art school here in Vienna that is quite intense and this past semester we barely hadn't had a lot of time for each other. Which was a bit aggrivating when all I have to do is go to one class in the afternoon for 3 hours and learn German. Okay, that is not fair to me I had to decorate, clean and buy groceries but I think my point is quite clear.

However, the past two days it has just been a lot of time together watching T.V. and sleeping in like winter bears. Since we are starting to resemble them as well. :)

OH SHIT! I just realized today is the first and I have not done the bank transfer to pay for my rent for this month. Okay tomorrow in the morning I go back to my apartment and first thing I need to do is pay the rent. Goodness, that is the hard thing when you live in your main apartment part time, I guess this should be my lesson for having copies of atleast the banking and lease over here as well so this will never happen again. I feel so horriable now. I have in big bold letters every first of the month RENT!! Okay, things happen right? And I will pay it first thing tomorrow, just that is not the best feeling in the world to feel like you haven't kept your part of a comitment.

Lately when I take breaks of the Iron and Wine marathon I am listening to ZAZ's version of ''Dans Ma Rue''.

Have I mentioned that I am going to T.G.I.F. with my boyfriend before the concert?  One thing that is somewhat upsetting, last Friday when I had my last final exams of German and found out I had passed my first level class and able to move onto the next level we wanted to celebrate and go out to eat for lunch. My exams didn't end until 1p.m. and so when we finally met up hopped on the trams and arrived at Fridays it was closed!  I was really upset about this since they opened up at 11:30 and closed at 1:00 for lunch. I mean it is FREAKING FRIDAYS on Fridays it should be open from 11:30 til closing because we walked straight accross the street to McDonald's.  So NOW I am really looking foward to getting some Fridays. :)


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