Tranquil Tuesday

Today I didn't do so much just had a nice day with my boyfriend again enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having lately. Just another day in the Prater riding bikes and playing ping pong. Tommorrow will go to the University and re-enroll and hopefully it is as easy as everyone says it will be. So I am NOT at all looking foward to waiting forever in line to register again.

So today is a quick and short post since nothing really I want to talk about today. So now it is just going to be surfing the web, listening to my music, eating strawberries, take a shower, read my book and get cozy with the boy whom I love.
Hope you all have had a good and tranquil Tuesday.

2 more days and I will finally go to my first Iron and Wine Concert! So excited for it and also excited for the date night planned with my boyfriend before I go to the concert.

This is the book I am now reading. Also one of my favorite movies, and has a beautiful soundtrack.

My favorite scene from the movie is when they reach this...It is like a dream.


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