Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Hello again, I hope everyone had a good weekend, I know I did. Here in Vienna the weather was nice and ''warm'' I thought I would never call 8-10C warm since coming from South Florida I am used to hot and then hotter. But it truely has been a nice change of things since lately I have been getting cases of cabin fever and wanting to go outside and just walking around the city.

This Saturday I was planning on making my way to a store and my boyfriend had to drop a few words that made my ears perk up higher than a prarie dog.  KFC...enough said when someone tells you the kernal's original recipie is close to where you are going who can really resist? Just stating this now back home in Florida KFC was truely something we rarely had, I can remember each time I had it and it has to be atleast 5 times. So I ended up in Donau Zentrum for the first time and may I just say their maps confused me so much I got lost and ended up on the opposite side of the mall before finding my lunch. After eating such greasy fatty food I made sure I didn't just go home and take a nap. I walked in the mall since I have never been there before and saw a few sales going on and a few home good stores. Since I recently got an apartment on my own back in November I basically have to start from scratch when it comes to furniture and decor. I enjoy D.I.Y. projects for decor but I can never seem to find everything  I need or something doesn't work out. So after 3-4 hours walking around the mall I decided it was time to call it a day.

Last Sunday was the first Sunday of the month which means here free entry for everyone to anyone of Wien Museums. My boyfriend and I walked over to Johann Strauss's apartment on Praterstra├če and it really was a nice museum with his instruments and some of his drawings and paintings he had collected. We both enjoyed it and I was suprised that it wasn't its original size when Strauss lived in it. Since part of it is now part of another apartment in the building. My grandfather really loves classical music since he used to play the piano quite often so I wish he could be here and see Vienna like I do. I know he would love to come over if he could, I dream that he could one day come over.

Now since it was a museum I was unsure about taking pictures but for my grandfather I snuck a few pictures. So I will show them but the one picture of Strauss's piano and organ came out really blurry since I was trying to seem natural even though my camera was making all the noise it could...

Strauss's violin and some funky wall paper.

Alright that is it for now I think....

My Monday went swell also, my boyfriend, his mother and I went to a Chinese resturant on Landstra├če for lunch. Later in the afternoon my boyfriend and I went in the Prater and played ping pong which I had lots of fun doing with him.

Now that is it for now. :)


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