Such a good kick off for the coming weekend.

Hello to whomever,

If you have been reading my very few posts you would have been pretty well informed for my love for Iron and Wine and that I was going to his concert. Which was just yesterday, may I say it was so much fun. I wish it could have lasted forever since it brought me pure happiness being there and listening to the same music I love live! I met some really nice people in the lines. May I also add that I was a half hour early and happy that I was because I was number two in line and after waiting over an hour in line I got front and center row and stood there and made sure no one was going to move me. So, I hope everybody is ready for the Iron and Wine picture overload!  Also, he had a big band and mixed up a lot of favorites which were just simply amazing a few I wish would have been sung like ''Biting your tail'' and ''Trapeze Swinger'' but it was two hours so I guess if he played all the songs I would have listed to him I would still be standing there. :) Which would be no problem for me.  I think the reason for why I love Iron and Wine a bit much is not for the lyrics or its uniqueness, but because it reminds me of my happy place which is my favorite place in the world. I think when you truely like an artist and their sound it is attached to something much deeper than just the actual music, whatever that may be. His voice to me is like fresh sweet iced tea on a hot summer day in the Carolinas stuck in nowhere land. okay, now for the overload.
I truely had a smile that was as big as could be and each corner of my mouth touched my ears.

I also had a great day before the concert. My boyfriend and I went to a late lunch at Vapiano on Prater Straße since it is not as crowded as the one in Maria Hilfe Straße. We had a yummy lunch and after rolling ourselves out of the resturant we walked over to Swedenplatz and grabbed some Starbucks before he dropped me off at the concert. Which I found it sweet since he said I shall not worry about how to get there that he will worry about it and drop me off. He truely is the best. Now may I just add I like Starbucks but I think they are over priced and are good but I wish to go to different places for coffee. But we had a lovely time sitting and sipping on our drinks.


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