Ice Skating, Cupcakes, and Headaches.

Today was the first time I had gone ice skating at the Rathaus and the first time I ice skated since I have been in Vienna. Wiener Eistraum was so much fun just now my legs and back are slightly in a bit of pain. It was certainly worth it, my boyfriend his mother and I went together and had so much fun. The Florida girl that I am not often ice skating and if so it is normally a hockey rink and you go just in a circle around and around. The Wiener Eistraum has much more to offer! It certainly is not a thing you go and do everyday, if you are a student it can get pricy but if you stay there for more than 2 hours and sit down sometimes and go back it is certainly a trip worth doing.
After Ice skating for 3 hours or so, we all went to this cute cup cake bakery just up the road and got ourselves some yummy cup cakes. Which was a perfect ending to the ice skating. Even though during my ice skating adventure I had fallen down and slammed my arm on a post right in the area of your funny bone which was not really fun at all. Now my arm is a bit blue and obviously bruised. But no worries I will and can survive!

 This morning I had to re-enroll for my German god, can anything for once be simple and never difficult. Getting to the point I am enrolled but there is just ONE paper I am missing and can not find for the life of me. So that means another trip to the Uni to ask if they can print another one out for me, hopefully complaining or any signs of wasting their time or making them do something that involves a tiny bit of searching on their part hopefully grunts and sighs will be kept to a bare minimum.
 Oh well, gotta love all the madness!

Right now I don't have the urge to continue anymore so I am going to call it quits today.

Maybe tomorrow I will make a post on how the schools here I find to be most of the time disorganized and makes people run around like if their head was chopped off, and how I could (or I think I could) go in there and start helping these people out getting their stuff straight and having information clearly posted on walls, and on web-sites and making it easier for a student. Also learning about a thing called a file cabinet since today the woman at the desk made it seem like searching for a file to find a piece of paper that they already had would take too much work and atleast 20-30 minutes of her time. Needless to say this woman also got times of a test flip-flopped, and seriously needs a pair of glasses and a class in typing. Since her face is about 2 cm away from the screen and bird peaks at a keyboard. I am not making fun of this woman or even bashing her. Just clearly stating that I think the recquirements for a ''Secretary'' should be atleast knowing how to type at some timely manner. I am not asking for her to know the computer and all of the programs on it, but atleast please type 15 words a minute and save your time and short the lines everyday. Also I am not bothered by the fact that she has nose smudges on the screen (she really doesn't just being drastic to get the point across) what bothers me is how she has not stopped to get a pair of glasses or a new pair if she already has some.

For those people who might be reading that come from other places other than Europe like example the States  (since I know that region better) For people who might say ''moment'' (it is very german to say moment with a german accent meaning hold on or give me one moment, second, minute etc. you get the point) she might live on her own and can't afford to go to the eye doctor's and get a new pair of glasses so she struggles and make do without. I understand where you are coming from and you have a good point if you were talking about people back in the States. Here there is a beautiful system of socialized medicine that is working quite well. It really is something I am thankful to have here since I can walk into a hospital and go to the ''E.R.'' and they will either check you out or send you to a specialist in the ''E.R.'' and they will check you out tell you what is going on do whatever they need to do and when all is done you wave good-bye and say Ciao! You don't pay a dime.

I know this past November I had gotten strucken with a serious virus that knocked me down and I would not eat for a whole week and lost about 8 lbs. It got to a point where I couldn't walk right and if I walked it was so slow the grannies looked like they were running next to me. So I wanted to go to a doctor obviously to check what it was that I had gotten and after not being able to have found any doctor office I saw a hospital on Landstra├če (my parents were in town during this time) and I looked at my mom then said we are going across the street. As any right minded American you think E.R. Hospital...thousands of dollars out the window for a small thing. My mom was hesitant on letting me go and I had remembered a friend of mine once told me she was feeling very sick and she went into the hospital and they helped her. She never mentioned how expensive it was at all, I also knew I had insurance and figured I needed help NOW! To our suprise they examined me, but I needed a specialist that they didn't have so we got a taxi and went to the next hospital and there again, walked in didn't give any insurance info had a few tests taken and walked out with in 2 hours of being treated. NOTHING is what I paid. I was given 5 prescriptions and with my insurance it costed me 15 euros.

Where was I going with this? RIGHT! Goodness I can get sidetracked. Just want to give valuable info to my readers or other people who are interested in living over seas and afraid to make the big move, or just curious how it works. The point of this blog is to be usefull to somebody.

So this woman who is straining her eyes can easily go and get some glasses for herself. As a person who wears glasses and contacts I know straining your eyes like that is not only harmful to your eyes but can cause serious headaches. I was blessed with wonderful eye sight where I have the eyes of a 50 year old, I think I once heard I was half way to legally blind. So I know about poor eyesight. (goodness I sound like a sickly thing don't I?)

So much for making this short and simple....

If there are questions about anything even if it is not related to this blog but has to do with living over seas I would love to try my best and awnser them. Please don't hesitate, I would be the happiest person to get a question and awnser them.

I hope the blog isn't too boring if it is PLEASE give me suggestions on what I can do to spice it up a bit.


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