What a day!

So today was a good day, walked around the city a bit and just enjoyed the beautiful day.
It was the perfect type of winter days I could live with. Of course I have been hearing so much about the Wiener Eistraum and have been wanting to go pretty bad since being the girl from South Florida I haven't EVER ice skated outside. So I made a visit over to the Rathaus and watched the little kids and people ice skate on this fairly large ice skating rink.

I also found something that I have been looking for, for the past.....8 MONTHS! I really wasn't hungry since I had a yummy lunch at a small resturant called Spirlia (I believe that is how they spelt it) anyways take the 13A from Mariahilfesta├če direction Alser Stra├če and you will find it. Now it was good and had a nice atmosphere, but slightly on the expensive side for a portion of food that isn't so grand. Other than that it certain had a good atmosphere if you are a student it was packed with other students taking their lunch break.

So now...you have to just take a wild guess what I found. Don't look ahead!  It is is also pretty official that people here in Vienna think I am one of those crazy people who has other voices in their head. :)  But seriously, when you see someone taking a picture of themselves laughing ang they are holding food in their hands how wierd is that? I mean I know myself, I would think this person is really happy to have whatever it is they are having. I guess that is not a normal thought process here, or atleast for the man that was giving me dirty stares and constantly turning his head atleast 4 times back at me. That could have been though since when I realized someone was behind me I started to burst out laughing and freaked him out just a wee bit. Anyways I tried to find a silent street so no one would really see me taking pictures of myself with this baby.....

At last! At last Mr. Bagel we meet again, even though you are not toasted and have no cream cheese on you are the deffinition of pure sweet happiness. It is pretty sad when a BAGEL makes your day. I never thought I would miss bagels so much until I moved here. Back home we have a resturant that is dedicated to mornings and just serving coffee and bagels in all different sortiments. My favorite bagels are pumpernickel, everything, and in October pumkin. With either onion and chive cream cheese, plain, honey nut, or pumkin to go with the pumkin bagels.  Does anyone else share this deep passionate love for bagels?

For the record there are only a few things I am truely looking foward to when going back home to Florida this Summer with the boyfriend. Those things are re-uniting with my dog Marabelle, seeing family again, seeing my friends, going to the Kava bar, shopping my butt of since for me everything here is outrageously expensive and people here are gorgeously dressed and only having three suitcases filled with my whole life in them I kidof had forget about fashion and think a little bit more practical.

This weekend my goals are: going to either IKEA or KIKA to buy some more jars to put my beads in, cleaning my apartment, painting, beading since I lately feel inspired to be creative and possiably doing some cooking and baking..oh and lets not forget blogging more!

My boyfriend's father tonight made the most yummy potato gulasch so that put me into a stew mood, or something possiably that reminds anyone of home or their grandma.


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