Friends, Empanadas, and Budepest.

Recently I have been on Easter Break. This week has been filled with so many activities with my friends, and I can be the first one to say that it has been so much fun.

We have gone to Naschmarkt, and a few Asian Stores in the area looking around buying a few needed ingredients, since my friend K told me she would teach how to make Empanadas. So we planned a small cooking and dinner party K, our friend O, and I.
 I have not had one day to do nothing, my feet are hurting and wishing right now for a good foot rub. The past three days I have done my fair share of walking looking at tea, spices, the inner city and a bit of Prater.

K and I worked very hard for these yummy empanadas, about 3 hours! Everything was made from scratch and authentic, while K is from South America so it was her special recipie. I love cooking with other people, it creates a light atmosphere and very relaxing. I am so glad that we are becoming more active with one another and this Easter Break has given us enough time in the days with no German Classes.  Certainly I have been doing my fair share of studying so I feel more confident but I see small progress.
                        This Friday the girls and I are planning a short trip to Budapest, Hungary for one night and we all looking foward to our trip together. So hopefully after Easter I will post about Easter and of coarse our trip with pictures!  I wish all my dear readers a good break, Easter and to enjoy the wonderful spring weather that is here!                                                                                                             


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