May Fest in the Prater!

Today is May First which means Labor Day! There had been festivities planned for today at the Prater and in front of the Rathaus. I can walk to the Prater so I chose just to go into the park for a nice day and to see what happens on May first in Vienna.

In the Prater most all of the rides were discounted and there was a lot of things for younger children todo, like face painting, bounce houses, even a performing clown.

Early this afternoon it had started to rain and I had thought this would keep a lot of people away from coming outside. Well, I know now that I was wrong.....VERY wrong. It was hard just to walk around there was so many people. I really could not believe rain, or shine there was so many people out in the park.
Another thing I have noticed were all the balloons! I have never seen so many before, almost everyone had one and some people had too many.

There was a section across the way from the Skate Park in the Prater was a section with country music and line dancing. It was kindof funny for me since I have well been in the South a few times and this little spot in the Prater was trying to have the same feel. A lot of line dancing groups, American flags everywhere, even some state flags and more than half of them were not even South or Mid-West Flags there was also a lot of Confederate flags waving. For me that is not uncommon to see the Confederate flag, but it is more common to see the good ol'boys have it on their pick-up trucks as a bumper sticker.

I certainly had a good time just walking around the park enjoying the cool, slightly sunny weather. All in all it was a good day, how can a girl complain with sleeping in and finding out it is raining, drinking tea, slowly getting ready, then 4 hours in the park enjoying all that was being offered.

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Here are some more photos from today, hope you enjoy it!

They look much better than they actually were.


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