It's time to heat up some new American Schnitzel!

It has been way too long since my last post. For many reasons the major reason is simply LIFE. Life happened and got in the way and my blog ended up left out. So is anyone still reading? Should I do a recap of all that has happened?

I guess you don't have much of a choice really unless you decide to just not continue reading.

If I had to really compress it all down into as simple as possible I would then have to steal a quote saying "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" probably the hardest time in my life up until now. Why? Well without getting into juicy details, lets just say the person whom used to spend my life here in Vienna who went by boyfriend is no more. From the statement above I guess you would be safe to presume it was I that was the hurt one in that end situation so it sent me into quite a spiral. After being with someone for such a long period of time and to have given up a lot to be with them then to turn around and bite you in the butt was something that took a lot of time for me to work through. I know many people can relate and everyone thinks their hurt or pain is something no one can understand which can make you feel isolated but really in the end it is more for your sake of throwing yourself  an even bigger pity party. So after my long needed pity party I looked at myself in the mirror and said this has to change. So I pulled on my big girl pants and started on my journey.

I would like to say this was a journey to love, happyness, self-finding or all that cliched things most people write books about. Even though that has happened along the way, it certainly has been an interesting trip. So what does a 20 something year old who has been out of the whole dating game for what is a a very long time do? I decided to be like a nun (ha, I wish it was more of a choice than I make it sound.) since no prince charming or knight in shining armor was knocking at my door I figured it is my time to work on me. To make me into a person I find interesting and someone whom I would want to date. I realized this after going out on a date with someone and realizing either I felt like a very boring person or any interesting stories about myself somehow had my ex in the mix. Yeah, so after that I figured this is the first time in my adult life where I am totally free and unbound to anyone so I took advantage of that.

After my revelation I had a lot of lonely days trying to fill in the time and keep my mind busy. I got in contact with my family in Sweden and learned about the infamous family that I have always heard about but never really talked to. After a few e-mails I surprised myself by buying a ticket to Stockholm and letting my family know I am coming in town. They were more than hospitable and invited me to stay with them for a few weeks in the summer. I stayed in Stockholm for two days before I hopped on a bus to go to my family. I must say arriving in Sweden was a very spiritual moment for me. If you have ever been somewhere and felt either deja-vu or that an inner peace quiets your heart you might know what I felt like when I was in Sweden. Sweden was a place where I find inspiration, inner peace and it is the place that made me feel truly happy after a long time in what felt like darkness.

So I got to the city in which my family lives and was treated like not a stranger like we all were to each other but rather if we had always been in each others lives. After these two weeks I met so many people who I share a bloodline with saw so many beautiful places in Sweden and most importantly. This is where love crossed my path on this self discovery journey. No, it was not the guy I met in Stockholm that could have been Leo DiCaprio's brother. It is also not just one boy but two! Two little blonde haired blue eyed swedes that I now call my nephews. I am an only child and will not really have any nieces or nephews of my own so what else are you supposed to call two cuties that stole your heart when you thought it was still broken?

I now make some mean Swedish dishes, and yes my meatballs taste so much better than IKEA's. My Nephews are too young to speak English and only speak Swedish and I only speak German and English so with my background of the two languages I have been able to understand a lot of what is being said and give commands in Swedish. They tend to laugh when I try to attempt to speak Swedish, which I can only imagine how badly I butcher the language. The great thing about children is you don't need many words to communicate, one morning I woke up with 2 pairs of eyes looking at me waiting for me to wake up and once I was outed they somehow managed to place a toy dagger under my pillow. It was clear that it was for me to defend myself since they were holding the much larger swords.

With that I end this post as to not to get too lengthy and hopefully I will have the energy late at night once more to continue talking about what I have been up to.

Travel safely! Till next time!


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