Bratislava Here We Come!

Last week here in Austria was another Holiday, which meant pretty much everything would be closed even school! Two weeks before I had gone in to the OEBB office and was checking out some train ticket prices when I saw that no matter when you buy your ticket a two way ticket to Bratislava was only 14 euros. I figured, I can afford that and asked a freind the day before if she was wanting to come with me. So the next day we woke up and got ourselves ready for an excursion to Bratislava, Slovakia.

The morning was starting off good until when we were buying our train tickets the woman in the office told us that we have about 20 minutes to make the train at another train station and not where we were. In Vienna there are more than one major train station and I got mine mixed up.

I think if you would ask anybody that has traveled with me they would tell you there is never a dull moment! Between the running to get to the train's platform in time or just simply touring a new city. When traveling with my friends I am blessed to know two languages and having friends that speak languages that I don't. So no matter where we are we will always seem to find a person that will speak one of the 6 languages we all speak as a collective group.

When in Bratislava on a cold windy wintery day it is good to keep a sense of humor.

Bratislava is only an hour from Vienna with the train and the tickets are inexpensive as well! Only 14 euros and you can buy your tickets the day of your trip and it will stay 14 euros! Bratislava is a perfect one day trip for everyone. It has a very quaint european medivial feel and is not too large. For me one day in Bratislava was perfect, it was a nice diversion from day to day routine. If you really just want to hit the main sites, visit the city's center and just take some photos than I would reccomend not planning on staying in Bratislava for more than a day.  Austria is a bit expensive in comparison to some other neighboring countires but I wouldn't say Bratislava had a huge difference in prices. The currency in Slovakia is Euros.

The food was yummy too! I had ordered a chicken breast with a blue cheese sauce that was really tasty after a huge hike up to the castle in Bratislava.

It was also the perfect thing after being beaten up by the heavy winds.

In Bratislava the things I would recomend to do would be:

Go to the castle in Bratislava, even though it does not look that pretty but the view of the whole city and mountains are worth it.

Go into the Micheal's Tower it is a museum or arms and not only is the last medivial gate standing in Bratislava and at sunset it is perfect for pictures of the castle.

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