Moving Abroad But Don't Know Where?

Moving abroad can be a big decision for anybody, but what happens when you don't know where to go?

If you are not moving for work reasons, it makes the deciding of where in the world to go a bit difficult.  Most common is to move to a country where the language is same as your own, or a large popular city. London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona are the top names I have heard when people are talking about Europe. It was also the cities people would have expected me to move to. But in fact not only is Vienna a big metropolitain city but it is cheaper than the cities talked about above. Paris can just burn a whole through your wallet by finding the tiniest closest to call home, I would say it is comparable to trying to live in an apartment in Manhatten close to Times Square.

Also another thing to think about is you don't want to move abroad with out knowing the quality of life. So not only for me personally was Vienna the perfect choice but now according to Mercer's 2011 Quality of living survery Vienna ranks number one! WOOT WOOT! 

Living in Vienna has certainly been not an easy transition but I can vouch that here they take pride in high quality food, public transportation and even the water here comes from the Alpes and is perfectly safe to drink. 

Packing your bags and leaving your old life is difficult, so make sure where ever you relocate to fits your personal needs. I would not reccomend letting these surverys determine where to move, but rather noted.

Here are some more reading material talking about Vienna and its recent ranking. Times

Belvedere in November


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