First Day Back to School!

Today is my first day of going back to my German Class for semester number two. It certainly was nice to have all of Febuary off for break, but it will nice now to have a little purpose back in my day. Last semster was certainly a bumpy road learning a new language when everything is in the language you are taking. I am taking German courses through the University of Vienna before I can start my regular courses with the University.

The courses  not only focused on being able to speak German, but also reading, grammer, listening and writing in a three hour class. It certainly was not easy but so helpful. I think this was the first time I was the only American or only native English speaking person in a room or in a school in my whole life. I had heard that there was or is one or two other people in the school, that the German courses make up, that was either from the States or whose native tongue spoke English. Put it this way, I didn't mind it because it just helped me push through with learning German better, but I somewhat longed for another person from a similar background as me to talk to or become friends with.

I have been looking around on the internet and suprisingly found that most expats will tell you that expat groups are a very tight knit community and expats tend to stick togther with other expats. First off I just want to say, I have tried to find groups of expats before this blog and found NADA. Okay in this case my boyfriend has a good point with saying I am horriable at searching for things with google. I understand why people want to stick with other expats: you have more in common, others understand and know what emotional wrecking ball you become after a few months, they can help you get adjusted, similar background so the culture is what you are used to and it is easier to handel.  I also have to ask then a question, if you all stick together and make yourselves into a little community and don't try to interact with locals in the area, other than transferring for a better job why are you an expat in the first place?

I personally really do not know of expat groups in Vienna to become a part of, and this week I will try to see if I can do some research and see if I can find one or two and if there is like a monthly meeting or something going on I will attend just so I can get better educated about other expats, possiably make a few friends, and have some kindof support group.

I certainly think and firmly believe that support groups in this situation is VITAL. Because no matter how many or non-existant friends you have here, or family back home you will be difficult emotions when living as an expat. I don't know if emotions will subside, after some amount of time I would have to imagine that the emotions do subside but it will not be in any short amount of time. As an expat I know that no matter how much support I have friends and family none of them are going through what I am and that is great to have support from others but it sometimes is just not enough. You will feel like no matter how much support you are given if the others haven't done the same it isn't enough or the right support you might be needing.

SO hopefully I will be able to find some group and see what comes out of it. A little experiment for the sake of the blog.

Well I think for blogging today that will pretty much do it, I have some things to do before I run off to my class.

Happy Travels!


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