Money and Living Abroad.

Living abroad certainly is one of the best things I have done and still am doing. It has opened my eyes to the world and sometimes not the easy way of living specially as a college student. I have had this dream to live over seas and study here as well, so I have been saving pretty much every last cent for this. The first impression people get when you tell them that you are living and studying over seas is ''Oh! You must be RICH!'' the truth is NO! I am not saying if you have no money this is the better option, but I am saying that most every child who goes to any state University could most likely be able to afford living abroad. It is not easy, but neither can be getting big buck scholarships also. Of coarse the easy way would be to get scholarships and attending a college in the states where they speak English, and is a bit more convient and possiably some of your friends will be attending the same college.

If you have not a spending problem and know how to budget and have help from your parents and wish to live over seas I would tell you to go for it. It is such a rewarding experience. As most of all High School students, when you come to your Jr. or Sr. Year in school you tend to get a part-time job that pay minimum wage and buy yourself $100 pairs of jeans. I did the same but I saved it for this since I knew sooner or later I would have an apartment. Also when coming from the states to Europe you are limited with luggage, for me I had to Fly to Hungary and then a 3 hour train to Vienna. So I could not take my whole wardrobe and not all of my things I had my room stuffed with.

I also sold alot of my things I knew I would not take with me in yard sales and on e-bay which helped as well. I warn anybody who is coming from the States planning on living here and is not filthy rich, coming over with citizenship from U.S.A. you will not only be discriminated against, but it will be harder to find support when it comes to money. If you come from any EU state, then you are going to have an easier time. People also not from the states will also have not have all the reductions as a person from the EU, but somethings will be cheaper.

When I moved here I lived with my boyfriend and his parents which helped me alot with not paying rent or for food for a few months. Which was a big help for me to get on my feet. If you have never left the nest before and tend on leaving home and living in another country, try to find someone who lives in the country you are planning on going to.  If anything they can give you good insight of what to expect and they will be a fountain of knowledge and if you create somewhat of a friendship with them, they can guide you where to buy food, transport tickets (if you live in a larger city) , also can get oriented with where you are better. Not only will it save you time, but they will also help you save money.

Budgeting is a very important thing you will need to do once you live on your own and like me had not much more than two suitcases you most likely will start from scratch. When I say budget I don't mean traditionally budget with precentages and spreading the money for food in one jar, fun jar, clothes jar, movie jar, etc.  I simply mean first month or two do whatever you want tour, shop, go out to eat, but save your reciepts! After the time you alot yourself add up the reciepts and see how much you have spent and see what can be easy to cut out, like Starbucks, Fast food, Shopping, or Renting movies. I put all those reciepts together (if you don't have reciepts for everything give a ruff figure you remember spending) then see by how much money you could not spend if you cut those things out. Let that money be for the gift you might have to buy, or possiably can turn into your grocery bill. I am not saying live very simply, and not letting yourself have that expensive coffee or that piece of clothing you saw and want to have. I am just advising not to do so every week.

Shopping sales, and here in Vienna one to two grocery chains at times will have -10% up to -25% off either the whole store or something specific. I try to make sure I buy things never at full price, if there is a special on something I NEED then I do, but if it is normal price I try to find something else to cook for myself for this weeks menu. Also when the whole store has precentages off that is when I buy those things you like to have in the pantry like spices, sugar, flour, ketchup, and mustard.

At first it might seem like you are over doing the wise shopping by shopping at 3 stores in one day since they all have sales the same day which can happen. For me I have a great public transport ticket for students so traveling here and that is not a big issue.

The point is, you will be able to survive over seas, but it will take some adjustment at first. It won't be easy, but you will figure it all out down the line. Also, getting a job as soon as you can, will be possiably the best thing as well, so you have some kindof income. I have not yet found any scholarships for people from the states living over seas, but when I do, I will post it up about scholarships. For what I am doing now I have not easily found any scholarships so don't count on scholarships if you have none.

Here are some links on Student housing in Vienna:    (Hope it is helpful)

  Home 4 Students
OeAD Housing
The Site I found my own apartment. (Reccomended)

 Another Link:
  (Nothing to do with Housing, but good info on happenings in Vienna, and has some helpful pages on Visas)
You can change the language from German to English or a few other choices in the top right hand corner.

If you are living in Vienna and are needing to contact the Magistrat 35 or if you have a question here is the Contact info:

MA 35 - Main office

Dresdner Stra├če 93, 1200 Vienna
Phone: (+43 1) 4000-3535
Fax: (+43 1) 4000-99-35010

I truely hope this can possiable help anybody looking at moving to Vienna. Not so helpful for living in other countries, I know, but remember I do my best to write what I know and I hate when I always get partial correct awnsers. So my apologies to anybody looking at moving anywhere else other than Austria.


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