Mental Break is OVER!

So I have been telling myself to kick my butt and get back on board with blogging. Please forgive me and let me use the excuse of needing a personal mental break for a while. School is getting harder and I know I only have one class and that is German, but excuse me, when one class is 3 hours long and then you get stuck with homework for 2 more hours you can only deal with so much.

In my class of 25 people and a room that is not much larger than my bedroom, my group of girlfriends from last semester and I met a new girl who has only been in Vienna for a few weeks and is super sweet. We are now taking her under our wings and showing her around a bit when I say showing her around I mean taking her to places where we know the food is the best. Like today after class, we had to run to Maria hilfe strasse and one of my friends knew of the best Falafal in the city. Maschu Maschu not only did they have fantasic falafal (which was GREEN!) they also had some really good lemonade. I am looking foward to my next visit and possiably getting my boyfriend to try it as well. It was really tasty and for a person on a budget it was not too expensive.

This Sunday the girls are coming to my apartment for a Girls Night of Pizza and chit chat! I am very excited since this will be my first guests that I will have had (not including family) so I am cleaning as if there was no tomorrow. I also finally got rid of my christmas tree last night....Yes, I do know that is March.

Today was the first day where it was not Sunny and warm but rather colder than the past days and with a light drizzle. I have truely enjoyed the few days of warmer weather! I even wore a tank-top one day with jeans of course, so I do hope this is the light at the end of the tunnel. This Florida Girl is ready for some Sunshine once more.

Hope everyone has had a good week!


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