I am back! This time I hope I can keep up with!

So, since the last time I blogged I had talked about keeping up with blogging and getting off my mental holiday and then hadn't posted for the next week or so. Well I know about 20 different excuses I can say to reason why the blogging had come to a stand still. But why bore you!

Where to start?

I guess I will start at my first ''Girls Night In'' party that I threw at my apartment. In my German course I have met another girl that fell perfectly in with our small group of friends from the past German classes, and that week of our party we had eaten out pretty much every night. We found that we all have a lot more things in common, and really hit it off beautifully.

One nice thing when you do finally meet friends or people turning into your new friends, you already from the get-go have a BIG thing in common. Our language is not the thing we have in common which is somewhat cool, but rather living in a country that is not ours, but making our new home. You would not realize how silly it may seem but having that in common creates a bond since it is easier to relate to another person when they talk about wanting to go back home but it makes it easier to support your friend since you are sitting in the same boat filled with the homesick tears filling the boat up. I try not to think much about how I miss my home since I have found that can put you through the ringer and make you emotionally a ticking bomb. Also, another thing, people that speak the same language who do not know each other become people like old friends or a neighbor you haven't seen in a while. Not saying you are going to go out for a drink together, but it is a comfort zone and you tend to just start talking down the escalators or just in the metro for a few stops.

Right, back to our girls night... it was a lot of fun showing my apartment to my friends, and relishing how tidy it looked as well. I did my best version of good ol' Americana cooking..... picking up the phone and in my best German (with the notes I took earlier from my boyfriend on how to order a pizza) and ordered a few pizzas. If you want a good but cheap pizza you certainly have to try Salambo Pizzeria in the third district. Unfortunatly they don't have a website I can send you to, but enter in the name and with google maps you should atleast find where it is located.

So for about 5 hours we did nothing but eat pizza, chips with a french onion dip I made and talking like if there was no tomorrow. Now we can't speak proper or fluent, but we do know enough grammar and vocabulary to get our point accross. When in doubt, act it out! When living in a new country with a new language you become a wonderful charade player!

Other than getting together with my friends and going to my German classes which are by no means a cake walk, that is the basic review of what has been happening.

Hopefully next blog post will be tomorrow, and a little bit more exciting, and having more good info for y'all.


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