Museums and Marathons

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Hope everyone has been having a good week so far.

Today was my second day back at school, and I can tell you not only is it difficult to fully follow but you always tend to get the people in your class who is either really loud or not interested in the class and it makes focusing slightly a bit more difficult. I think I just need to get back into the swing of things and then it is possiable that it won't seem as difficult right now. There are 26 students in my class and my classroom now is smaller than the last room that had only 15 students. Makes it a bit difficult to claim much of any space.

Right now I am in the middle of writing an article for another Expat website called Expat Arrivals so that ans school has been keeping me slightly a bit more busy than normal. So check out their site since they have some really good advice and articles about living abroad for not only Vienna, but also for a lot of other cities and countries. So if you are interested in moving over to another country certainly check it out since it will give you advice that I won't be able to since I am just in Vienna.

Also, if you are in the area of Vienna or Austria and want to start shaking off those Winter pounds (goodness do I need to get back in shape) a good kick-off or just something fun to do with friends are runs/marathons. Yes, as a student on a strict budget it is not so affordable since there are a lot of fees they have just to run in a mass crowd. But if you are free and wanting to find something to do maybe going out and being apart of a run is something you might enjoy.

This picture really is of Vienna City Marathon!

So here are some sites to give you info about different marathons and runs. Some are for a good cause, some are prizes, there are a few that draw a very large crowd and a new way to see Vienna. Here are some links:
Austria's DM Women Run
Vienna City Marathon
The last link also has more marathons avaliable if you check out the site you will see that they have a few to offer at different dates and for different prices.
The Vienna City Marathon is the largest run and from what I have read and heard from my boyfriend it has more than enough participents.

Another handy tip if either you are visiting or living in Vienna. Anybody under the age of 19 has free entry to the Wien Museum or everybody is free the first Sunday of the month. One nice thing is the Wien Museum is not just one museum but I would say more of a chain of small or medium sized museums that are interesting.

Living in such a big city I love having so many museums to go to and other places to visit. One nice thing about Vienna is you can view the sites, parks and gardens with no costs. If you wish to go into either a specific place than there is a price, if you have a Student ID card student discounts here are certainly a big help.

Here is another big museum that I have not yet gone to but I will go to it soon. Technisches Museum Wien

Okay, now a list of museums I would reccomend or ones that I think I will someday go to.
Pathological-Anatomical Museum
Madame Tussauds Vienna  (opens April 1, 2011)
Art History Museum
Chocolate Museum.
Leopold Museum
Liechtenstein Museum
Vienna Hofburg

Alright, I think that is a good list to get anybody started.

Happy Travels!


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