What to pack when going over seas.

Packing has always been something I never enjoyed when I travel. I always make a list of certain things I don't want to forget and feel like I am going to end up forgetting something REALLY important like underwear.

So this post is to help people who are wanting to travel mostly over seas and are afraid of taking too little or too much. Giving a good idea of what every person needs in their luggage while they are away. Also remembering there will be a limit to weight and the amount of number bags you can take with you when flying. So don't fill your XL suitcase to the brim.

Suitcase #1  (Your biggest suitcase)

- 7 to 10 pairs of socks, depending what shoes you will wear and the weather.
- 10 Pairs of underwear.
- 1 Nicer outfit (dress or button down shirt)
- 10 Shirts (since you might want to change before going for dinner)
- 3 to 4 pairs of pants/shorts
- (if you are female and traveling in Spring or summer) 2-3 skirts/dresses
- 2 Pairs of Jamies
- Hair brush/comb
- 1 medium sized shampoo
- 1 medium sized conidtioner (if you have longer hair)
- 1 bottle of bodywash or a bar of soap
- Razors (Buy shaving cream later or put it in your carry on since it is more likely to explode in the belly of the plane)
- Sunscreen or body lotion (again depending on the season)
-(Girls only!)  A comfy pair of flats so you are not always having to wear your sneakers when going to dinner

(Varies with person, taste of clothing, season, but a good guide so you don't pack 3 pairs of shoes too many! This is also for atleast a weeks worth of traveling if you are staying longer pack more underwear, but see if you can find a laundry service at your hotel so you don't need to pack too many shirts and pants.)

Suitcase # 2 The Carry-on! (If anything your most important suitcase)

For me the larger carry-on is my most important suitcase, it is your life-line for all your electronics, and also a just-in-case back-up bag if your big suitcase gets lost. (IT HAPPENS!)

- 3 pairs of underwear
- 2 pairs of socks
- 2 shirts
- 1 pair of Jamies
- Toothbrush and toothpaste
- Band-Aids
- First Aid Kit (Thermometer, Tweezers, Pepto Pills, Ibuprofen, Allergie medicene, Camamille cream, Blister Pads)
- Other personal items (Glasses, contacts, cleaning solution, extra pair of contacts, etc.)
- 1 electrical converter with an extension piece!
- Chargers to cameras, Laptops, cellphones.
- Cameras, Laptops, Cellphones (unless you are on business I would reccomend not taking your cell phone at all since you won't use it.)
-  Make-up bag

I always try to bring a home-made First Aid Kit just in case something pops up you want to have something rather than not knowing where to go, or no where being open. I don't suggest cough syrips or anything for a serious cold or flu, but just incase you get into something your stomach doesn't agree with or your skin. Also you never want things you will need pretty urgant in a suitcase that might or might not get lost and it is easier to know that everything you need for your first night is there so you don't spend to much time searching through all of your bags.

Last but certainly not least is the HANDBAG!

Girls, stuff whatever you want in there.

My hand bag is always having my important papers and copies, snacks, a good book, Ipod, gum, maps and a small bottle of perfume so I can smell fresher than I might feel after such a long journey.

There are not guide-lines for what is in your purse. Whatever keeps you happy and to keep you entertained.

With that, this post is coming to an end!
Hope everyone has happy travels and never looses luggage but if you do, you are now prepared!

Thanks for reading!


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